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Choose between Down Pillows and Down Alternative Pillows for Your Home

Pillow selection is not always easy when you sift through a variety of materials and its composition and sizes as well as features. The lovely experience of sleeping of soft pillows is what most people desire because the comfort of sleeping depends mainly on the selection of pillow. Indeed, some people prefer to sleep on slightly firm pillows and others who want something in between – after all, it is a matter of personal choice.

Even if you decide to use down pillows, you might still keep wondering if the selection of the best down alternative pillows would be better. But before you make a final call, you must know the difference between the two types that could help to make the right choice.

What are down pillows?

Down pillows are special because it is perhaps the softest pillows made from bird feathers. The feathers obtained from the chest of duck and geese are used for filling the pillows instead of artificial or human-made fibers.  Down pillows belong to the group of luxurious pillows that stuffs duck or geese feather wrapped n a shell made from 100% cotton that assures superb comfort. Down pillows are what people dream about and are available in a variety of sizes and densities from standard to the king.

Down pillows can form to the curve of the head and neck, thereby ensuring customized support. The pillows have breathable qualities and allow airflow around the head and neck that keeps it cool and adds to the comfort. With proper care like using pillowcase and pillow protector and regular cleaning down, pillows can last for 20 years.

However, there can be allergic reactions when using down pillows, and those allergic to waterfowl should not use the pillows. Those with mild allergies might try out hypoallergenic treated down pillows, but the best are down alternative pillows.

Down alternative pillows

Recreating the natural softness of feathers without any fear of allergies is the purpose behind the introduction of down alternative pillows. It uses polyester micro-fibers produced to the exacting standards of feel and thickness to emulate down pillows. These pillows are more luxurious, soft, and supple. The fibers adhere together so closely that it gives a more mesh-like feeling.  Down alternative pillows, feel squish able with the puffs of fiber-fill slightly sliding within the shell-like silk. The compression of the filler fiber will be less than down pillow, and its luxuriousness will also vary between the manufacturers. However, you must not confuse down under pillows with other ordinary and cheaper variety of polyfill pillows.

Sleeping on down pillows will give a feeling of putting your head on cotton candy. When sleeping on down alternative pillows, it provides a sense of sleeping on cotton balls. Both types of pillows come in soft, medium, and firmer support levels achieved by varying the density of the filler material. The hypoallergenic quality of down alternative pillows makes it a good choice for people with respiratory problems or asthma, but even the best quality can last for 1-2 years without much degradation.

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