4 Ways to Give Your Patio a Southern Makeover

Your patio has untapped potential if you’re willing to take the time to capture it. Outdoor living can increase the warmth and perception of the rest of your home. Here are some of the ideas that you can use to give your patio space a Southern makeover.

Build in Cover

Having a covered area is good for many different reasons when you live in a southern climate. They provide protection from the sun or even nighttime pests if you install netting. Having the ability to create an outdoor oasis is what will make your patio a place worthy of your time and effort. There are lots of different types of covers that you can erect. A more permanent structure will add some Southern charm to your home.

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Accessorize for Enjoyment

Adding in accessories, furnishings, and an accent rug can change the appearance of your patio space. All of these little touches are what will warm it up and invite you to hang out in it. Comfy furnishings are just the thing on a hot day so that you can take advantage of outdoor Southern living. It also gives you a place to host gatherings for your family and friends to better embrace the porch neighborhood vibe of the South.

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Level It Up

A nice and level patio space or porch will make it easier to create the perfect outdoor area. With an old concrete slab, it may be time to invest in concrete lifting to achieve the desired result. You can also cover your concrete patio with paver stones to dress it up. Make sure that you have a level base from which to work for either a sagging porch or an uneven patio base. A part of investing in a more Southern way of life is enjoying the time that you spend outdoors.

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Utilize Vertical Space

Even with a small patio space available, you can increase its appeal. Taking advantage of your vertical space is one option. For example, investing in hanging plants can give you the desired result without having to sacrifice any of your square footage. Add in decorative lighting by hanging it above your head. Another thing to consider adding is a ceiling fan so that the humidity of the South can be easier to bear during the midsummer months.

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A makeover of your patio space is about the mindset of creating the perfect place to be outdoors. Use these tips to get started on your patio renovation project and more fully embrace the Southern lifestyle.

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