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What Are Some Small Backyard Deck Decorating Ideas?

Small Backyard Deck Ideas

There is nothing blander than an old concrete slab sitting your backyard. It’s taking up space and not adding any value to your outside area. Most people decide to do something about this problem. Either completely obliterating the slab with a jackhammer or turning that eye sore into something you can be proud of like a small decking area. If destruction isn’t the way you want to go, I will walk you through some of my small deck decorating ideas.

Type of Decking Material

The first thing to do is turn that slab into the deck. There numerous ways to do this and I go into great detail in this article on how to lay decking over concrete. I’ll go ahead and assume you understand how to lay your decking on your slab after reading that article so we’ll go into the different types of decking you can use.

Cedar Decking

Commonly used on some of the most exotic decks, cedar decking is a beautiful material that is sturdy and practical. It has a high resistance to the sun and an uncanny resistance to most pests that would destroy other types of decking. The most popular type of cedar decking is the Western Red Cedar. Its beautiful color makes it a popular item among deck builders and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Photo by Hickory Dickory Decks

Composite Decking

Sometimes called manufactured or synthetic, this decking can be a great choice for the homeowner who wants minimal upkeep. While you should keep in mind that some composite can be faulty, I still see this a great choice because you can do so much more with this material. There are lots of different colors that can be had with composite and as I mentioned before, the maintenance on this is very minimal. If you don’t have one, you can buy. Before buying composite decking, check Toolsradar for detailed review and rating of best-selling composite decking by experts.

Photo by Ground FX Exterior Designs

Stone Decking

Not really a common type of decking, but people who want the look of stone on their outdoor deck tend to go this route. Stone decking is extremely durable and just as beautiful. This material can add uniqueness and a rich and alluring feel to your deck.

Photo by North Leeds Garden Design

Deck Decorating Ideas

Plants and Flowers

Once you’ve laid the foundation of your deck all you need to do is decorate it. I like to go with hanging plants and container shrubs. These two options are portable and won’t take up much space if you’re limited in that area.

Photo by Lightwell Landscaping and Woodwork

Patio Furniture

I know you need somewhere to sit on your new deck so you can choose some small patio furniture to give it that comfortable feel. Just one or two chairs and a small outdoors table should do the trick.

Photo by CATO creative Ltd


Don’t let weather ruin your fun and look into a retractable awning. If your deck is attached to your house this is another way to add some beauty to your deck.

Photo by Paul Lafrance Design

Seeing how these are small deck design ideas, you may or may not have space for everything outlined here but you can be a better judge of what works and what doesn’t work with your space. Whichever way you do decide to go with your deck, I hope I’ve provided you with enough value and information to make your deck building project easier.

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