4 Tips for Decorating Large Living Room Windows

Decorating your home is a great way to showcase your personal style and enjoy the environment around you. With so many decorating options and the unique layout of your home, there are truly endless possibilities. If you’re stuck on what to do with those large living room windows, here are four decorating tips for you to follow.

Treat Them As One Big Window

When you’re decorating large living room windows, they’ll most likely be right next to one another. To help ensure that you retain the airy feeling of open space and natural light, you’ll want to treat all the windows as one big one. This means using only two sets of drapes on either side of the windows. When you treat the windows individually, it will feel more sectioned off and confined.

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Consider Shutters

If you love the ability to have natural light at some portion of the day but not others, shutters can be a great solution. These can help to provide shade on those hot summer days where your air conditioner is already working hard. When picking out shutters, opt for tri-fold ones. Again, treat all the windows as one large one. If you get shutters for each window, it can make it feel very sectioned off.

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Valances Can Be Your Friend

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your windows without adding too much detail, a valance can be a great addition. This is defined as a single piece of fabric that hangs along the top of the windows. The valance will only cover a small portion of the top of your windows and most fabrics are highly transparent. Try opting for a solid color or a light pattern material to see how it looks in your living room.

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Paint The Trim Around The Window

If you don’t want to accent the window with any sort of curtains, shades, or shutters, you can consider painting the trim. This can give a new bold look to your windows without the hassle of blocking your natural sunlight from entering them. If possible, only paint the main trim surrounding all the windows as one. This way, it gives the effect of just having one big window.

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Decorating large living room windows isn’t too difficult to do. That is if you know the basics that will provide you with a good finished look. The above are four big tips that you should be following when decorating your large windows to ensure they turn out looking amazing.

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