10 Gifts for Tech-Loving Friends and Family

If you’ve actively shopped for gadgets and tech in the past, then you’ll opine that the exercise can be extremely tricky. While these devices are popular, they can a bit pricey and you’d require to extensively research before investing in one. This article will help you to identify the best products that will tickle tech lovers despite their affordability.

You’ll be shocked that some of these gifts are small enough to fit into your Christmas gifts’ basket. You will get these gifts with as low as $50 which will enable you to shop for many individuals thus boosting the festivities mood.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for a child or an elderly person. We’ll offer you the best options to choose from as below:

A Bluetooth Tracking Tag

You have this forgetful and absent-minded friend and you’ve been wondering how you can help. Right? Well, this device is the answer you have been looking for! It’ll act as a helpful guide to your friend since it can be linked to items such as TV remote, keys, or an iPad. If the items are missing, your friend will only need a companion app (which is readily available with iPhones) to locate them using vibrations.

Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Pac-Man Connect and Play Remote

This is an ideal gift for game lovers. The device is designed to allow your friend or relative enjoy all their childhood games on almost any TV set!

The Beddi Glow Alarm Clock

Buy this gift for that friend who oversleeps. The gift will motivate them to wake up early and start their day at a high note. The high-tech clock has sunrise-simulating light which will progressively increase the alarm sound. It also features Bluetooth and a speaker.

The Gear 360

Do your friends love photography? If yes, then Gear 360 is the ideal gift for them! The device allows sharing of 360-degree videos and pictures from the high-tech camera.

Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Eero Router

This gift will revolutionize the internet speeds for the recipients. It offers fast and consistent Wi-Fi that will cover a significantly large section of your home. Its plug-and-play installation technique saves you the hassle of calling your internet providers for an expensive installation process!

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Amazon Echo Dot

This device is voice-controlled and allows you to make voice commands. For example, you can use the commands to set alarms, control home devices, and check the weather conditions. It comes in a variety of colors to enable you to choose the best for your friends.

Michael Sheehan [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones

If you know a friend who just love the gym, then you’ll need to gift them this device. Apple has done away with headphone jack and introduced these stylish Bluetooth headphones that will keep your friends entertained as they proceed with the gym activities. The device is sweat-proof with flexible cables and built-in microphones!

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

This compact keyboard is highly portable and you’ll access your emails anywhere at any time you want! The device is compatible with Android, iPad, Phones, Windows Tablets, and iPhones. If your friend is working on their latest novel, then this gift will be a turn-around experience for them.

iOttie Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad

Disorganized wires can be the biggest setback to a clutter-free house. The cluttered wire around your socket can make it difficult to take your charger fast. This device will be ideal for tech lovers who are likely to encounter such experiences. It offers a reliable charging pad that boosts your battery life significantly.

Portable Charger for Apple Watch

Gift your friends this device to save them from disappointment resulting from an Apple Watch that runs out of charge unexpectedly.

Looking for a deal on these high-tech gifts? Don’t do your Christmas shopping too early: Wait until December! December is one of the best months to purchase electronics since they often go on sale on Mondays that month.

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