You Need The Right Tool For The Job

Tackling projects around the house can help you save on the expense of hiring a contractor and can also bring a sense of satisfaction. But, to experience these benefits, you’ll need to approach each home DIY project in the right manner. Check out these tips for completing DIY projects, including having the right tool for each job.

Inspect your Tools

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Set your DIY project up for success by investing in the right tool for each part of the job.

Which type of tool do you need for the various portions of your DIY project? Using the right tool for every part of the job will prevent accidents, ensure that the job is done right and will help you avoid breaking tools that were used improperly. If you don’t have the right tools for your DIY project, borrow them from a friend, rent them or buy them.

Look at Ladders

Will your home improvement project take you to new heights? If you’ll be using a ladder for the DIY job, inspect the ladder you’ll be using before you set foot on the equipment. Ladder accidents increased by more than 50 percent from 1990 to 2005, with more than 2.1 million people needing to be hospitalized due to those accidents.

If your ladder inspection uncovers issues with the equipment, invest in a new ladder. And know how to properly use the type of ladder that you own before you use it. For example, learn how to properly position your ladder for safe use and never step higher than specified in the equipment’s safety instructions.

Consider your Apparel

According to the post “5 Great Boots for Construction Workers“, what you’re wearing can make or break the workday. The type of project you’re completing for the day should dictate what clothes, shoes, gloves and other apparel you wear.

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For example, if you’ll be working with heavy equipment, saws and other items that could potentially cause an injury, you should wear steel toe boots. Wearing the right items can save you from an unnecessary injury.

Mind your Technique

How you complete each portion of your DIY project will impact the final result and can prevent (or cause) an injury. Before you put hammer to nail or saw to wood, learn the proper techniques for completing each specific DIY project. Many reference books, online videos and other resources are available to help you learn more about completing a wide range of home renovation projects.

Make a Plan

If you plan to fully renovate a portion of your house, make a plan for how you’ll get the job done. Which portion of the project should you complete first? What’s your timeline for each part of the job? Having a plan from the start will save you time, keep the job on track and could even help you save money.

Want to tackle a few home improvement projects yourself instead of hiring a contractor? Set yourself up for DIY success by inspecting your tools, using gear properly and minding your technique through each project.

Shayla Ebsen is a freelance writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional writing experience both in the corporate and freelance settings. Learn more about Shayla here.

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