The World’s Best Street Art Destinations Revealed

Street art revolution, so called graffiti boom, started in 1980s and affected many artists. At first seen as a vandalism, now accepted from the authorities and considered as a creative way for attracting tourists. With the rise of digital world and with help of Instagram, Flickr and Google Maps, now it is so easy to locate and explore the colorful graffiti arts.


In the last few years, Berlin became covered in graffiti and earned the title “City of Design”. Whether it is a wall, doorway or even a corner of a house, bridge pier or roadside, the colors of urban art and street art are becoming real attractions for visitors. Most of the street art is politically motivated and unique. If you are into graffiti and you want to understand this art in Berlin, we recommend a tour professional with a professional guide.


As one of the cities with diverse culture, Dublin is a home to some outstanding street art pieces. Great painters like Banksy or James Earley gave Dublin streets an incredible charm. The days when graffiti were just scribbles on the walls are over. Street art in Dublin raised on a high level and more and more places are decorated with outstanding graffiti.


It has been 15 years of Art Basel Miami fair and this city became home to the largest contemporary art fair in the United States. This art fair attracts more than 75000 attendees annually. Brought in 2002 when Art Basel decided to expand its venue from Basel, Switzerland to this Magic City. The artists use different graffiti supplies such as Krink markers to create some amazing pieces. For example, Wynwood Art District was once a neighborhood of empty warehouses, but now it is a home to more than 70 museums, galleries and art collections.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most favorite cities among street art talents. The wide range of blank walls and abandoned buildings is one of the reasons. All the authorities and local community accept the street art here. There are few restrictions, you just need a consent of the property owner and you are ready to go. This led to great and colorful streets that are the biggest tourists’ attractions.


With more than 14 million people, Istanbul is on the 7th place by population in the world. With the huge amount of different districts and the beginning of the street art revolution, this city is becoming a masterpiece. There are many building murals, train graffiti and other kinds of street arts. Because of the greatness of this city, you will need a long vacation to experience all of the great art. We recommend you 4 districts that should be on your visit list.

  • İstiklal Street
  • Tünel
  • Karaköy
  • Kadıköy


As the capital of Victoria and 2nd largest city in Australia, Melbourne is well known for the diverse range of street art. It all started in 1970s and 1980s, among the youth influenced by the graffiti of New York. Here the stencil art was embraced at early stage, so this led Melbourne to become the “stencil capital of the world”.

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