Working at a long distance relationship – Sending flowers versus gifts

There are times when our work may take us away from our loved ones.

So here you are, on an overseas assignment. And just when you think you’ll be heading back soon, the boss tells you that he needs you to stay on for another 2 weeks. Bam! There goes your plan for a romantic reunion with your girlfriend that you’ve been looking forward to.  It hasjust been too many weeks!

So how do you keep the romance going?Seems like there are more hiccups than you expected.But who said courtship was ever easy?

Thanks to the wonderful advent of Internet, the world has become a smaller place, communications is cheaper, shopping is a click away and courtship has the helping hand of millions of ideas from specialist retailers who are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity.  Now, all you need to do is decide on what will placate your girlfriend till you see her again. And, ensure that you will still have a girlfriend when you finally do return.

First, you will need to break the bad news to her. Being the romantic that you are, you’re looking for the perfect way. And you’re wondering:

–          Should you Whatsapp her since that’s you’re daily form of communication?

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–          Perhaps a phone call would be better?

–          Maybe tell her when you speak to her again over Skype, FaceTime or whatever video chats you are on?

Personally, I would make sure you can hear each other so you can kinda hear how upset she is or not.  Whichever way you choose to break the news to her finally, it is always best to send her something special after that. You can call it a peace offering or romantic gesture. Either way it is sure to garner you brownie points. Trust me, you will need lots of that for a smooth sailing relationship.

Now, the question is, should you send her flowers or a gift? Sounds simple doesn’t it? BUT…..this opens up a whole new discussion on what kind of flowers or what’s the best gift???Here’s a simple guide to help you:

If you are sending her flowers

  • Make sure she is not allergic to flowers in the first place
  • Do you know what her favourite flowers are?
  • Does she prefer basket flower arrangements or flower bouquets?
  • Be sure to know the significance of the flowers or colours. You don’t want to be sending her flowers that signify a permanent separation!
  • It’s always nicer to send the flowers to her work place where she will be the centre of attention when it arrives
  • Get the address right!
  • Make sure there is a card or message with the flower
  • Make sure it is a big bouquet!! The mother of all bouquets for impact
  • If you are in Melbourne, Fresh Flowers provide flower delivery in Melbourne


If you are sending her a gift

  • Gifts are usually more costly than sending flowers so be sure you think through the gift
  • Do you know if she is a romantic or pragmatic person? This will help you know what will touch her heart
  • How are you going to get the gift to her?
  • Is there anything significant about the gift you would like to get her?
  • A thoughtful gift always shows how much effort you have put into selecting it. Girls just swoon over thoughtful boyfriends!

Remember, whatever you do, it will set the stage for things to come. If you’re looking for a happy girlfriend to come home to at the end of your tour of duty, the cost of flowers or a gift is a small price to pay. In fact, why does it have to be either flowers or a gift? Why not send her both.

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