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Winter Wardrobe Essentials That You Can DIY

When it comes to winter fashion, you have to worry about your comfort and safety just as much as making a bold statement. If you want to get through the season in style, here are three essential pieces that you can knit for your winter wardrobe.


Scarves are essential elements in your annual winter wardrobe because of their practicality and their versatility when it comes to style. When you want to make a cozy scarf, you should use a material like heritage quality yarn from Patons — this way you can stay comfortable even if it’s freezing outdoors. With the click of a few buttons, you can order this type of yarn online and have it shipped directly to your home. The website Yarnspirations has a lovely selection of yarn sorted by colour, fiber, weight and type to make for easier browsing. The website also has a large number of patterns that you can follow to make a scarf — the only difficulty will be figuring out what kind of scarf you want to add to your wardrobe. You can make super scarves, short scarves, asymmetrical scarves, infinity scarves, arm knit scarves, kerchiefs and cowls.


You will also need to add plenty of knitted hats to your closet if you want to stay comfortable during the cold weather — much like scarves, hats are considered winter wardrobe essentials because of their practical perks and their versatility. If the weather is lighter and you want to look as fashionable as possible, you can make a lace-knit beret to complete a chic outfit. For harsh and snowy conditions, you can knit a thick cap that will shield you from the cold for long periods of time—this is ideal for activities like skiing, skating or snowshoeing. If you don’t like hats at all or feel like they don’t suit your sense of style, you can always make a headband or pair of earmuffs to stay warm.


It’s likely that you already have numerous pairs of socks in dresser drawers, but you will need ones made of thicker materials if you want to prevent your feet from freezing. Having a week’s worth of sturdy and thick knitted socks are ideal when it comes to dressing for winter survival—if you are making your own, you should use a wool fiber for extra warmth. Remember that when you buy your winter boots that they should be slightly too big so that you can have room for these thick wool socks. If you can’t seem to fit them under your boots, you can always wear them in place of chunky slippers or house shoes.

Winter wardrobes tend to be more complicated than other seasonal wardrobes—your clothes will need to be sturdy, thick and warm, as well as stylish. If you have the skill and the passion for knitting, you should make yourself these winter essentials to feel comfortable and trendy in the snow.

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