Why Traditional Way of Cooking and Serving Food is Beneficial?

In our modern lives, usage of a gas stove, microwave, oven and electrical method for cooking has become a part of our reality. However, just a few decades ago, it was all about wood fire clay oven or earthen oven and Indian mud chulha that made of a blend of mud, husk and water. With the change of time, this traditional method got replaced with the one-touch cooking range that is upheld with chimneys and keeps the home smoke-free.

But if you think that this change is due to the harmful impacts of traditional cooking and serving methods, then you need to read this blog to see the brilliant reasonsfor traditional methods of food preparing and serving.

Benefits of Traditional Way of Cooking:

Adds to the flavour

The customary method of cooking on mud chulha or clay oven includes the usage of earthen pots that naturally adds flavour to the dish. As per specialists, food prepared in earthen pots is nutrient-rich because they help keep up the moisture and the aroma of the prepared food. Besides this, whatever you bake or cook like pizza in a wood fire oven, the taste is different. If you wish, then you can search on the internet about the items that can be cooked in a wood fire oven besides pizza and you will get hundreds of recipes. Also, the cooking is naturally healthy.

Keeps the nutrient intact

The most amazing aspect of cooking on a mud chulha or clay oven is the fire isn’t too harsh, and in this way, the food prepared even in aluminium never loses its moisture and nutrients. The slow cooking process keeps every mineral intact.

Smoky touch

If you have at any point gotten the opportunity to eat food made in the clay oven or mud chulha, then it has a smoky flavour because of the utilisation of cow dung cakes and wood sticks. It ultimately upgrades the general food experience. If specialists are to be believed, then there are villages in India, where individuals still prefer food made on mud chulha as it is more flavoursome.

Cleanses the space

While modern individuals think that it’s a polluting agent, it is believed that the utilisation of clay oven or mud chulha in the open yard for cooking alongside cow dung cake cleanses the house and air. Additionally, it keeps the house free from mosquitoes and bugs.

Spiritual connection

People in India believe that food prepared in the traditional way and on mud chulha removes the negative energies of the house and invites the divinities with all positivity. Consequently, any person who enters there gets the advantage of that environment.

Food prepared on mud chulha or clay oven is healthy in every way. The only thing that one needs to deal with is to utilise cow dung cake instead of wood or coal, as the last two are not useful for the respiratory system of the human body. So, next time when you visit your ancestral house, do attempt this method of cooking and feel the bliss.

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Have you ever tasted foods that have been cooked in earthenware? If yes, you would have sensed the amazing aroma of the earthen pot as well as the dish. In rural parts of India, people used to store water in earthen pots than normal containers. Also, they have been following the old traditional technique for cooking in earthen pots. Indeed, even individuals living in the urban areas today began to cook in earthen pots because of its health advantages.

Benefits of Traditional Way of Serving the Food:

Adds aroma and taste to food

The earthen pots are made of clay that has natural alkaline. The presence of alkaline accordingly connects with the acids in the food while preparing and balance pH. It will give better food as well as spreads a decent fragrance, encouraging you to taste the delectably good food. It is additionally loaded with different minerals like iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

Good for your heart

If you truly want to avoid an excessive amount of oil, then the good decision will be to cook in earthen pots. Modern cooking equipment uses oil in excess, which might lead to weight gain, paving the way to heart illnesses. But when you pick to cook in earthen pots, it will require less amount of oil. However, it takes a long time to warm, and will be a slow cooking process, which consequently helps in holding the natural moisture and oils in the food.

Keeps up the nutritive value of food

When it comes to cooking in earthen pots, it allows the heat and moisture to circulate properly and equally during the cooking process. Do you know why? This is because the mud pots are permeable and permit the heat and moisture to flow equally, making the food more nutritive than other utensils. Even meats prepared in clay pots are supposed to be more delicious and exceptionally flavourful.

Best for milk products

It is profoundly recommended to drink your tea or espresso in an earthen pot, which is 100% healthy for your body. Further, it also gives a wonderful smell and taste to the milk items.

So, now if you are aware of the traditional food cooking process and serving benefits, you might think to try it on your own. You can prepare several foods like pizza, cookies, meat and whatever you wish. You can even take the help of YouTube and Pinterest for tips on cooking wood fire pizza and other foods. Well, the ways we prepare our food help us to decide the health of our body. When you choose old methods like clay oven or mud chulha, the taste and nutrient remain intact and food becomes finger-licking.

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