Why should you go to Dominican republic this year

The Dominican Republic is a country with incredibly blue sea and beaches, which sand is whiter than ivory. One of many other islands in the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic is a special island, if not even the most special there.

The culture of the Dominican Republic was under a lot of different influences; European, African, and Taino to count a few. Because of this diverse cultures the Dominican Republic has lots of different specialties to offer. Those culinary specialties are not always exotic, but also suitable for the non-exotic stomach, so that every tourist can enjoy a decent and delicious meal. The most famous dish is “La Bandera”, which translated means the flag. La Bandera consists of red beans, beef and rice, these ingredients are mixed together with traditional spices. The most common dish are fried plantains, which are just a small part of a cuisine that is full of variety, and at the same time has a lot of well known dishes to offer.

Besides the food the Dominican Republic has also a lot to offer when it comes to arts. Artworks of amber, bones, horn and other interesting materials can be found everywhere in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is also famous for the handwork of its inhabitants. It is incredible what kind of jewelry they are able to create.

But if you want to see the real face of the Dominican Republic, you will have to visit it during the carnival period. The carnival in the Dominican Republic should be on everyone´s bucket list. As in many Latin American countries, the carnival in the Dominican Republic is a big deal. The carnival starts on the first Sunday in February and ends on the first Sunday in March. There is a carnival on each Sunday during that period, so you will be able to attend one for sure. The carnival is so special in the Dominican Republic because every town, and even the villages, have their own personal carnival. During carnival people wear exotic masks and big and flashy jewelry. In addition to that, they play a lot of indigenous music, which is influenced by the African culture.

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In contrast to the crowded carnival stands, there is of course the wonderful seaside with its ivory white beaches and the azure blue water. The seaside in the Dominican Republic is not overcrowded like in other parts of the Caribbean, and because of that it is the ideal place for relaxing, chilling and recuperating oneself. The Dominican Republic is famous around the world for its wonderful accommodations and its lovely and hospital inhabitants. The Dominican Republic has an long tradition of hosting people, so there are a lot of famous hotel brands seated in the Dominican Republic. For example, you can find there Marriots, Crowne Plaza and many more. But of course, there are not only famous and a bit expensive hotels there, which can be found, there are also a lot of small hotels, which can provide their visitors an amazing experience for even less money.

A very popular destination is Punta Cana, which a tourist resort with its own airport. Punta Cana is s province and also a city in La Altagracia, situated in the east of the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is true tourist heaven, and all the residents there are more or less employed in tourism or in some way connected with tourism.

A must-see when you are in the Dominican Republic is the national park Saona. Saona is an island on which the Bounty TV spot was filmed and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A real paradise on earth. The beaches there have pearl white sand, the sea is calm and is unbelievably turquoise, the seashells are huge, and everything is full of palm trees and coconuts. Here you can completely relax the whole day and just be on the beach and enjoy the sun, while drinking a refreshing cocktail.

The Dominican Republic has so much to offer. We live in a world blessed with sights and beautiful places beyond words. All of us want to visit these places at least once in our lifetime. One of these amazing destinations is the Dominican Republic, and everyone should go there at least once in their lifetime. It is a truly extraordinary island.

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