Why You Should Add Trees To Your Yard

Trees are magnificent structures that actually contribute significantly to the environment. Unfortunately too many trees are being cut down; clearing areas for habitation. These are often not replaced which is detrimental to the environment. Of course, there are times when you need to have a tree felled. In this instance it is important to use an approved contractor such as High Point Trees.

It is not worth trying it yourself, there are simply too many incidents that occur with chainsaws and tree felling. But the environmental issues are not the only reason you should be adding trees to your garden:

Improved Privacy

A tree is natural so does not come under planning constraints. This means that it is a very effective way to create a fence and gain privacy in your garden. The fact that it can look stunning when it blossoms and provide you with some much needed shade is simply another bonus! The shade can be on a personal level for your outside seating area or, a large tree; can actually shade your house against the hot summer sun. If this is your main aim you should choose trees which are evergreen as they will give you privacy throughout the year.

Attractive Property

Your home is your refuge but it doesn’t hurt for it to look good. A well landscaped front yard helps with this but it is also true that a tree can make your home look more appealing and improve its value. You can choose any tree to create the effect. Add a swing to its sturdy branches and you’ll have a picture perfect front yard.


If you choose to plant a fruit tree or two then you can benefit from the harvest during the year. This will allow you to make jam, crumbles or simply enjoy the fruit as it is. As an added bonus the fruit tree will make your yard look more attractive.

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Soil Retention

Trees naturally help your soil retention; this is especially beneficial if you have a yard that is on a slope. They can also hold a large amount of water in their roots which will help the ground to absorb heavy rain while keeping the grass healthy.

Easy To Look After

Trees require virtually no maintenance which makes them the perfect addition to your yard for color and design; especially if you don’t like gardening.

Wind Block

A tree can help to shield your home from inclement weather in the winter months. The wind can damage your property and lower the temperature inside your home. A tree or several trees can prevent this wind from reaching your home. This will allow you to enjoy the weather without being frozen by it!

Trees are a valuable asset to your yard but it is important to monitor them. If their roots become a threat to your foundations or you are worried about it falling on your house it will be time to seek expert help. It may just need pruning, but it may also need to be felled which will give you the opportunity to replace it!

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