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Why Rent Plants For The Office When You Can Buy?

You may already have considered adding plants into your office environment – they’re a fantastic addition to your business for a huge number of reasons. Air cleaning, brain pleasing, productivity increasing plants are becoming a popular choice for office decoration – but if you’re considering purchasing a set of plants for your business you might not have heard about renting instead of buying. Office plant rentals are on the rise – but why would you hire plants instead of purchasing them outright? Take a look at our article below before you buy and see how you can incorporate plants into your business at a fraction of the cost.

It’s much easier on the wallet: You might think that hiring plants is more expensive in the long run – but in actual fact it saves you money and time. Businesses often think plants will be fairly cheap to buy – but they forget about the cost of the containers, any water systems or feed, and maintenance if you’re looking to hire someone to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. When you hire plants the need to fork out for these initial upfront costs is eliminated – so you are protecting your cash flow and boosting the aesthetic status of your business simultaneously! You also have the added benefit of advice on which plants to choose and why for practical and decorative reasons.

You can change your mind at any time: Once you’ve purchased a plant, that’s it – it’s yours for life. However if you rent a plant, you can give it back and try something new whenever you like. It’s important to keep things fresh when it comes to the office so don’t be afraid to change it up – a reputable plant hire company will offer a huge variety of plant species, sizes and packages to suit all budgets, requirements and preferences. So if you’re changing things round in the office, splurging on some new décor or just fancy a bit of a change of scenery, you can swap your rented plants with ease.

You have the advantage of our ongoing expertise: When you buy a plant, you go to the nursery, pick it up, pay the company and leave. However if you hire a plant you gain the benefit of on going support and advice plus maintenance to ensure that your plants are healthy and looking fantastic at all times. Plants do need a certain amount of expert love and attention to look their best. Your chosen company can also advise on the size, species and type of plant you choose according to your requirements or preferences – so you have full support right from choosing your plants to installation and care.

The pressure’s off: Because of the handy maintenance service plant hire companies offer, you don’t need to worry about caring for your plants yourself. It can be very time-consuming to care for plants properly – and very expensive if you have to employ someone on top of the initial purchase of the plants themselves – so this is a real bonus of plant rental.

They don’t need replacing: If you do happen to accidentally harm (or worst case scenario, kill) your plants, you are then faced with the rather unpleasant task of disposal and the cost of purchasing new plants. Replacing a set of plants can be really costly – plus it can even happen more than once which causes a real drain on finances. If the unthinkable happens (such as a crack in a fault pot or a leaky container) you may be faced with a larger repair bill for flooring or furniture.

As you can see, there are huge benefits to renting your office plants. If you’re looking for something to freshen up your office, then plant rental may be perfect for you.

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