Why Indoor Water Features Are Becoming More Popular

Water features have been a popular and decorative addition to the lavish indoor and outdoor spaces of the rich for hundreds of years. The peaceful calm and serenity that the sound and look of water features brings to an outdoor space is now being incorporated more and more in our homes.

An essential element of Roman palaces, Arabic architecture such as mosques, English monasteries and Buddhist temples, throughout history water has been a sign of purity, wealth and spirituality, with features often placed in communal areas or gardens and places of contemplation.

Head off stress and give yourself a place to relax

With us all living increasingly stressful lifestyles, an indoor water feature can really work to have a positive effect on the brain and reduce anxiety. In fact, studies have shown that the sound of water and its mesmerising movements, especially when coupled with ambient lights, can dramatically improve a person’s mental wellbeing – just five minutes around the peaceful tricklingof the water can boost mood and have a significant stress-busting effect. The ancient art of Japanese Feng Shuiuses fountains extensively, which is why the miniature indoor water features are often of oriental designs. The water element in Feng Shui represents wealth and prosperity, which is why indoor water features are so popular with those who follow Feng Shui disciplines. Traditionally, crystals and essential oils were used in conjunction with the water features to further promote their beneficial properties.

Aquariums and fish tanks have always been popular for similar reasons – watching fish floating around serenely in the clear blue water has been shown to havea significant relaxing and calming effect on the brain.

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Indoor water features add much to the look of your home

Even without these positive effects on wellbeing and healing properties, indoor water features are still an ornamental and highly decorative addition to any home. Indoor water features can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Modern, space age examples incorporating large mirrored balls, optical illusions and lighting effects have emerged in recent years; however traditional styles are still popular, such as cascading water features which incorporate rustic terracotta or copper containers each pouring water into one another. Because of the rich history in Buddhist and Roman cultures, many styles do feature urns, terracotta bowls,Buddhas and oriental-style temples.

So many colours are also now available – whereas before water features tended to be in rustic, natural earthy colours, more modern styles come in white, black, silver and gold to name but a few. Some also have coloured lighting systems within them which add a completely new dimension to the feature itself, and to the room it is placed in.

Indoor water features tend to be small in size and petite enough to be placed on a table top; but they can also be large structures, placed in the centre of a room like furniture as a real design focal point, or wall-mounted. Water features sit nicely in any room – from the kitchen, living room to the bathroom and the hallway.

Whatever the reason and whichever style you choose, an indoor water feature is an attractive addition to any home.

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