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Why Dogs Make the Perfect Pets

Dogs aren’t called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they are the most loyal and affectionate pets imaginable. In fact, dogs are the most forgiving of friends and to prove this, just miss a feeding and you’ll see they love you just the same. Don’t have dinner on the table on time and see if your family is equally forgiving! But really, all joking aside, here are just a few of the reasons why dogs make the perfect pets.

Walking Is Good for You and Your Dog

For years we have been told that walking our dogs is good exercise for your canine friend, but for those of us who live relatively sedate lifestyles, all that walking is good for us as well. In recent years, dog trainers have said that walking your dog in areas where they are likely to encounter other people and dogs is a good form of socialization for them. In reality, it also provides socialization for you as well. There is nothing like meeting up with other dog lovers as it gives you common ground to strike up a conversation. For people living alone, this is a great way to meet people.


Petting Your Dog Is Healthy

One of the things you may not be aware of is that petting your dog not only communicates how much you love him but it has also been proven to reduce stress levels in you. Studies have proven that petting your dog lowers your blood pressure and this is one of the reasons why doctors are known to advise their patients to seek companionship from a dog. Elderly people in Miami often seek puppies for sale in Florida for just this reason. It is common for our blood pressure to rise as we age, probably due to hardening of the arteries. But, in any case, petting your dog can bring your blood pressure down significantly.


Dogs Are Sensitive to Your Moods

How many times have you had a friend or significant other who just wasn’t sensitive to your moods? Perhaps you are depressed or simply just don’t feel good and are in need of a little TLC. Dogs have this innate sense of knowing your moods even before you do and will be there at your side the moment your mood turns from bad to worse. In fact, dogs have even been known to sense that you are sick even before you recognize the signs of illness.


If you are thinking of buying a dog, check out sites like You can take the time to look at breeds they have for sale in order to do a little investigating. Choose a pet based on size and personality, but know that no matter which dog you choose, it will be your best friend in good times and in bad. You can exercise with your dog and keep it close enough to pet when you are down. Can you imagine walking a cat on a leash through the park? Dogs make the perfect pets, that’s for sure and once you make your choice, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

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