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Which Season is Best for Fibreglass Pool Installation?

Who doesn’t love the thought of diving into crystal clear water in the height of summer and cooling off in their own backyard? Owning your own pool has become synonymous with the ‘Australian Dream’ of home ownership – after all, we’re a nation of outdoor lovers, so any excuse to spend time in our own backyards is one that we’re onboard with!

However, when we consider investing in a pool for our own properties, it generally isn’t until the sun is high in the sky and summer is well underway. If you want to purchase your own pool and you want a shell that was installed yesterday, then fibreglass is the ideal choice. But what season is best for fibreglass pools installation?


Though you may first decide to install a fibreglass pool during Summer, this isn’t necessarily the best season to begin the project. This is because, once you have chosen a company and selected a shell, you may find that you have missed much of the swim season. If you’re also undertaking landscaping as a part of your project, Summer is not the ideal time for planting.

However, the fibreglass pool installation process itself will be quick and simple, with the least likely chance of foul weather hindering the project. And though you may miss the bulk of the hot weather, you can dive into your new pool straight away!


The ideal season for fibreglass pool installation, Autumn presents warm weather and offers an excellent time to plant and re-landscape your property. There is also no immediate rush to complete the project, ensuring you and your team don’t face excess stressors. They will also likely be able to dedicate extra time to your build, as you’re installing your pool outside of the peak period.

Unfortunately, you most likely won’t be able to enjoy your new pool for almost a year, as you are heading into the cooler months.


With winter comes wild weather that can often put a dampener on your build – no pun intended! You will lose days of productivity due to rain and, though the shell is made from fibreglass, some sections will need to be set in concrete, and this can’t be completed during wet weather. However, you will have plenty of time before the swim season begins, ensuring the overall project is not impacted.

You can also expect to save considerably on off-season discounts due as it is the slow period – this can be a huge draw card for many families.


Installing your new pool during Spring ensures it is ready as soon as swim season arrives, allowing you to make the absolute most out of your investment almost immediately! Unfortunately, you aren’t alone in this method of thinking – most people choose to have their pool installed during the Spring season, resulting in a backlog of work that can put a delay on your own project. You can also expect to be stung with the peak-season price increase, which can be far higher than any other season.

As you can see, each season comes with its own benefits and pitfalls, so it depends what you’re willing to sacrifice when it comes to enjoying a brand-new pool. Whilst Autumn offers ideal weather and a low price-point, you likely won’t be able to dive in until the following summer. Alternatively, though a Spring installation ensures you can immediately enjoy your new pool all summer long, your pool builders will be subject to premium prices. If you’re unsure what option is best for you and your family, then we recommend speaking with your local fibreglass pool installation company! They can take into account your budget and the extent of work needed to bring your dream to life – who knows, their schedule may even be the deciding factor for when the build begins!

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