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Which home improvements add value to your home?

The value of your property is a key element of getting the best mortgage deals or the best price if you’re wanting to sell in the future. A large number of homeowners across the UK spend money on renovations every year to increase the value of their house. While there are some who will pay out big money for significant home improvements, not all changes guarantee big returns. Small changes can be highly cost effective when the time comes to assess the value of your property.

Double glazing windows and new doors

A well-insulated property uses less energy than a poorly insulated one, meaning you pay less on your bills. Double glazed windows and new doors from a high quality door company in Glasgow are a useful renovation option that is sure to bring a good return on investment.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

This improvement is the one that will bring the most value to your home. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most commonly renovated areas of the house. There is no surprise here as almost every person who is wanting to buy or rent a property pays close attention to the kitchen and bathroom in the decision-making process.

Garden and patio makeover

Your outdoor space is equally important as the inside. The overall value will increase if you invest in renovating your garden. To make effective renovations in the garden you will need a high standard of ladder from BPS Access Solutions.

New boiler or heating equipment

Investing in a new boiler will not only increase the value of your home, but it also will help save you money through better energy efficiency. New boilers are not cheap, but they are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

Make your rooms bigger

A couple of larger bedrooms are better than multiple smaller rooms. It might be worth breaking down walls to extend bedrooms and make them bigger.

Increasing square-footage

An extension is a high value renovation that should be considered if there is an important need for space. Investing a lot of money in an extension can also pay off by the time you are thinking about selling your home.

Converting a loft

Loft space is incredibly valuable if you can turn it into a functional room like an office, a bedroom, a gym, or simply a storage area. Leaving your loft unused is a waste of important space. If you do want to invest in renovation, you should prioritise unused areas like the attic.

Interior decoration

Redecorating your home is another popular option when it comes to renovating. You don’t need to spend a lot to modernise a home. You can repaint the walls, hang new wallpaper, purchase new furniture, and perhaps carry out some general maintenance and upkeep to freshen up different parts of your home.

Adding extra bedrooms

If you have enough space in your home to convert an area into a spare bedroom, it is worth considering. Or you can factor in the cost of a new bedroom if you decide to add an extension to your home.

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