Which Dog Breeds Are Most Likely to Bite

Dogs are typically loveable, goofy, and energetic bundles of joy. From afternoon fetch sessions to nighttime cuddles, dogs have provided humans with comfort for countless years (dating back more than two thousand in fact). However, just because they are typically good boys, some dogs are not as friendly as others.

Unfortunately, there are also breeds that are more likely to bite and lash out at you than others. These discrepancies not only put you in danger but have led some states, rental properties, and even countries to ban certain breeds. To help keep you educated about which pooches you should be more cautious around, here is a handy list of which dog breeds are most likely to bite:

Jack Russell

The lovable Jack Russell breed may be adorable most of the time, but when it feels threatened, it can bite in a devastating fashion due to its agility and large fangs. They were bred to hunt vermin and rodents, and this history has led them to be very space conscious. When you’re first entering a Jack Russell’s territory, be sure you give it the respect it needs to feel comfortable around you, or else you might find yourself bitten at a moment’s notice.

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are the most notorious breed on this list, due to the sheer amount of instances where they’ve been known to bite. Although the breed is naturally incredibly friendly, it can also be territorial and suspicious of people it does not know who enter its territory. Their incredibly wide-set mouths and powerful jaws also make their bites some of the most devastating on this list. The controversies around the breed have led some states to effectively ban them altogether.


The large, powerful jaws of Rottweilers make them an intimidating breed, but it’s not just the look of the dog that makes them more likely to bite, but their more protective instincts. That being said, they are far from being one of the most aggressive breeds. A large part of their bad rep comes from how devastating a bite from them can be, just based on their jaw muscles’ strength alone.

Cocker Spaniel

Many people do not find cocker spaniels coming to mind when they think of aggressive, or bite-happy breeds. However, cocker spaniels are easily upset, and this quality can cause them to snap at a moment’s notice. If they feel as though they are under serious threat, they may lash out. Due to this, it’s important to always let cocker spaniels warm up to you when you first greet them, and to always let them have their personal space.

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Small dogs tend to be very protective of both their owners and their personal space. Although their bites are less dangerous, they can still do damage. Ankles and other lower down parts of your body are in a particularly hazardous territory if you do not take a barking chihuahua seriously. They are more aggressive than many of the breeds on this list, but they are also the easiest to avoid.

Tosa Inu

One of the lesser-known breeds on this list, the Tosa Inu has a similar background as the Rottweiler. Similarly, its likelihood to bite is based less on aggression and more on size and strength. One of the main reasons the breed is not as widely known as others on this list is the fact that it’s been banned in several countries (including Malaysia, New Zealand, and parts of the United Kingdom).

German Shepherd

German shepherds are a notorious breed due to their frequent use of guard dogs and police dogs. They are loveable to their owners and friends, but if they feel you’re threatening them or their loved ones, they are quick to lash out. Mix this aggression with their hyper-powerful jaws, and you’ve got a breed that you’ll need to keep a close eye on. Unfortunately, this reputation has made some properties ban the breed altogether.

Doberman Pinscher

Similar to German Shepherds, the frequency of which Dobermans are used as guard dogs and police dogs has given them a specific type of notoriety. Thankfully, unless you’re breaking into one of these otherwise-kind dogs’ spaces or committing a crime, you’re much less likely to find yourself on the wrong end of their powerful jaws. If you are ever leaving an aggressive dog at home, it’s important to understand how to keep them and others safe while you’re away.

Protect Yourself From Avoidable Dog Bites

Even if a breed is more known for biting, or is more likely to bite due to its size or disposition, it’s important that you take the proper steps to avoid situations where you might be bitten. However, if you do find yourself bitten by a dog, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers can help you secure the recourse you deserve. After all, dog bites are not only painful, they can lead to expensive medical bills.

If you’re trying to avoid dog bites, being aware of a dog’s needs and personality is incredibly important. After all, every breed of dog is capable of biting if put into a stressful or dangerous situation. Taking personal responsibility into mind will help protect you and the dogs in your life from the terrible, emotionally frustrating situation of them lashing out.

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