When to Replace Your Windows and When to Repair

It’s a big decision. Do you replace the windows in your home – a major expense – or do you try to fix the problem? Here are 5 common problems and your best option.

My House was Built Before 1960 And My Windows are Drafty.

Replace: You have two problems here. The first one is that you probably have single-pane windows which are not energy efficient and most likely should be replaced based on their age alone. More, you may have sashes that are painted with lead paint. If they have gotten stiff and hard to open with age, the rubbing may be releasing lead dust, a real danger. If there is lead paint, you need a contractor who is trained in lead-safe work practices.

My Windows Won’t Open.

Repair: If they are just painted shut, take a sash saw and cut through the paint. Simply run the saw teeth along the seam. One pass should do it. You might want to leave the top part of the window sealed shut by the paint – it’s probably a weather-tight seal – but unseal the bottom to enjoy a cool breeze.

Replace: If the balance has failed and the window will not stay open, it’s time for new ones. When the balance mechanism isn’t working, the upper window can slam shut and cause injury.

There’s Condensation between the Panes.

Replace: When double or triple pane windows have condensation, a white film or “fog”, the seal has failed and moisture is able to get between the panes. The windows are no longer doing their job and insulating your home. It’s time for new ones. You may want to replace the entire window or it may be possible to just replace the glass.

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My Home is Historic with Original Windows.

Check Out The Options! If your home has leaded or stained glass windows – part of its architectural detail – replacing them may actually lower the home’s value. Work with a reputable window contractor to see if the windows can be made more energy efficient or if they can be replaced with like materials. Some window replacement companies may offer stained glass options! Check with your local preservation or historical group for any regulations and any advice they may have.

Your Energy Bill is Sky High.

Replace: According to the Department of Energy, replacing inefficient windows may offer long-term savings. Eventually, your savings may even cover the cost of the new energy efficient replacement windows by lowering not just heating and cooling costs – but even your lighting costs in some cases.

Get help making your decision. A reliable Glass Repair Phoenix Company should be willing to discuss your options with you – not just try to sell you their windows. They – or if you like to do it yourself – or you may be able to remove old caulk and weather stripping to create a tighter seal. It’s also not necessary to replace all your windows at one time. Start with the windows that let in the most heat or cold. Doing the whole house may earn you some discount, but if it puts window replacement outside of your budget, your window contractor should be willing to work with you one window (or several windows) at a time.

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