When to Find a Radiator Repair Near Me

On cold winter nights, your most important need is warmth. The central heating radiator may be one of the oldest and most popular ways to heat up a room. They are commonly used in several buildings around the world. They are easy to use and distribute heat evenly within a room.

There are generally two types of radiators:

Hot water radiator

They have an inlet that takes hot water in and an outlet that lets the water out. The heater inside it heats the water to a high temperature. At this high temperature, the water is pumped through the radiator. The water loses its heat as it goes through the radiator and goes back into the heater to repeat the cycle until it can effectively warm up a room.

Steam Radiator

These are an older type but still popular today. They contain a boiler that heats up the water to form steam. The steam goes through a pipe to the radiator and through the fins. As the steam is cooled, it turns back into water and gets heated by the boiler again. This repeated cycle distributes heat around the room.

Radiators require balance for a substantial amount of heat output. To achieve this balance, the speed at which hot water flows through the radiator must be controlled. A properly functioning radiator should emit a temperature of 10°C. If it emits more or less, it may be time to ask, ‘where do I find a radiator repair near me?’

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Causes of Radiator Damage

A few causes of radiator damage include the following:

  • Faulty valves: Corrosion and rust can shut off the valves, causing the radiator to burst due to high pressure.
  • Corrosion: Over a long period of time, corrosive materials in the water ‘eat up’ the radiator causing it to break under pressure.
  • Frozen water: When a house is not being heated, water accumulates and freezes. It eventually expands and cracks the radiator, weakening it. This makes it prone to bursting eventually.

Signs That It’s Time to Find a Radiator Repair Near Me


A small amount of moisture released from the radiator is not much of a problem. Small water puddles on the floor are a sure sign that it’s faulty and needs immediate attention.

Cold radiator

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning on your radiator for warmth and it remains cold. This could mean a number of issues including thermostat malfunction and frozen pipes. The good news is that it can be easily repaired. If you’ve never had to call in a plumber, your friendly next door neighbor could answer your ‘where do I find a radiator repair near me’ question.


When a radiator overheats, not only does it waste a huge amount of energy, it could also crack. You might end up requiring a replacement. To minimize this result, ask around for referrals from people who have probably asked themselves the same question as you, ’where do I find reliable radiator repair near me?’

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