What’s the Hottest Trend in Smartphones Today? Not Buying Them New

If you can think back, there once was a time where buying a phone was an exciting time. You would walk into your carrier’s store and stare in amazement at all the cool looking phones and reading about the different features each one had… and you could the phone at a reasonable price… back then, that’s when phones were actually used as a means of communication.

Today, the process of buying a phone is no longer fun like it used to be… there are so many things to consider now that the process of buying a new phone is actually quite stressful. After the era of flip phones fell from grace, the smartphones emerged and took phone shopping to another level.

Smartphones not only serve the purpose of providing communication but they now are computers and high-quality photographers! Did you know that people buy certain smartphones because of the type of camera it has? These phones have gone from being a communication device to being a full-blown investment!

Because of these new features and technologies, phone prices have skyrocketed over the years. For a new phone, you can pay anything from $700 to over $1,000! And that’s for a phone! Phone carriers know that phones are expensive so what do they do? They try to make up for it by allowing you to take the phone you want and lock you into a contract to make monthly payments over the course of 18 to 24 months.

As phones get “smarter,” more and more people are getting angry about the rise in prices. In retaliation to these high prices, people are starting to get “smarter” too… people are starting to realize that they don’t have to pay nearly a thousand dollars to buy a phone… they are opening their eyes to buying used phones, and that’s a trend that’s taking the mobile market by storm.

People are starting to realize that all the technologies and features you can get in a brand new phone, you can get in a used phone as well, and for half the price, most times! There are, of course, risks involved with buying used phones. You have the risk of buying a stolen phone and you have the risk of buying a broken phone but that’s why you have to do your research and look for a reputable used phone seller.

If you need a new phone but are done paying those hefty price tags, then consider buying a premium pre-owned phone… it’s a much better investment than a new phone, and here’s why.

You’ll Save a Ton of Money

As mentioned earlier, buying a cell phone is a financial decision that now requires extra thought simply because of how expensive they’ve become! Can you really see yourself paying the retail price of $480 for a cell phone when you can get the exact same phone for $145? That’s a savings of over $300! You can do a lot with $300!

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The savings you get depend on the type of phone you want but it’s a guarantee that you’re not going to be paying as much as you would with a new phone. So, don’t waste your money on new… take a look at the “new to you” options available.

It’s a Great Investment For Kids

People have lots of different attitudes towards cell phones for kids and for good reason. Cell phones definitely can have some negative effects on kids but they can also be very beneficial to not only kids but parents too.

A study by pewresearch.org revealed that parents’ and teens’ views on cell phones are very similar. The most positive aspect of cell phones from both teens and parents is that cell phones make them feel safe. That’s all a parent really wants, right… to be able to check-in and know that their child is safe.

But one of the biggest reasons why a used cell phone is a great investment for kids is that they’re a lot more affordable to replace! Just think about it… kids are needing cell phones way before they hit high school these days for safety concerns and because younger kids are needing cell phones now, that also means that kids are taking on the responsibility of keeping up with a cell phone at an age where they haven’t quite fully matured yet.

The younger the kids are, the more prone they are to breaking their phones and losing them. You can, of course, implement tips and tricks to help them stop losing their phone or invest in high-quality screen protector to lessen the likelihood of a cracked screen but ultimately, they’re going to lose or break their phones and when they do, you can replace them without breaking the bank.

You’re Helping the Environment

Now more than ever, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. A lot of the time, used phones are practically in like-new condition and the only reason why people get rid of them is because they’re trying to keep up with each mobile technological advancement so they’ll get rid of a perfectly good and functioning phone simply because something newer came out. By purchasing a used phone, you’re keeping more phones from ending up in a landfill and the ocean, which is extremely wasteful and can potentially do serious damage to the environment. So, if you’re one who’s environmentally conscious and want to do your part, buy a used phone… you’re helping save the world one smartphone at a time.

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