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What Your Choice of Phone Case Says About You as a Person

We all have heard that people are judged by their looks, clothes, or way of thinking. They are the main indicators of personality. It turned out this range was enriched by new criteria. People can tell who you are by looking at your protective phone cover. The unconscious selection of an item can reveal several secrets about you. Let’s look at how it works.

Transparent case

You have an absolutely well-adjusted identity. Nobody would even think that such a transparent phone case owner could have anything to hide. You are like an open book, it is super easy to understand what you think. You say the truth, no matter what happens. The moment people see the transparent cover, they assume you’re sincere and reliable. No one would even suspect you have secrets. Though, in reality, you have, who doesn’t? Don’t feel bad!

Battery pack

Perfect choice for busy bees, who are working from morning till night and need an extra battery to the phone to answer the messages, emails, calls, or stories. They prefer to always be on time and never miss out on anything.

Brand case

Label lovers always blindly follow brands, no matter what they are buying. Most apparently, brand case users have the quite expensive smartphone inside the cover. They like to get noticed and show off their property. They don’t usually care about the quality or features, because, they are sure, expensive brands cannot be bad.

Of course, there can be also other reasons behind buying brand cases, but we put down the most popular ones.

Novelty case

What a bright personality you have! You hate everything popular and outdated. Your individuality must be outlined by your carried items. You are picky in everything, and in the end, you can make a choice, which only one of the thousands would do. You are unpredictable in your decisions and actions and are unique in your style. People get astonished, whenever they meet you.

Classic case

Being in the center of attention is not your preferable condition. You are an accurate person, with precise ideas of what you want. Supper eye-catching things- such as patterns, trendy accessories, embellishments- make you uncomfortable. You prefer to carry a classic and go-with-everything stuff.

Wallet case

Wallet case users are in a hurry in their actions. They prefer to have continuous control over their items. They are also pretty confident in themselves, as nothing bad could happen with them, for example losing all items at once. Wallet case owners are extremely organized and logical in their actions.

No cover

You never care and bother about anything. Life is already too short. You have a lack of responsibility towards your items and other people. A chain-free lifestyle is the most suitable choice for you. You usually tend to underestimate the value of things, as well as you don’t have a deep connection with your items, losing or damaging them is not a big deal.


Cases speak louder than we may think. I suspect many of us selected a cover without following any psychological descriptions. However, a little time and money are worth spending on our daily used items. They are in the center of people’s attention and can tell things about us, which we wouldn’t like to get discovered. For sure, the above descriptions are not dogma, and many users can have completely different personalities. Nothing in this world is totally true. However, our suggestion for you is, never buy anything in a hurry, especially if they must be used for the long-duration.

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