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What To Do If Your Road Trip Goes Wrong

Out on the open road. Is there any better way to travel? Hiring a car (or taking your own) and driving offers an unparalleled sense of freedom, an opportunity to travel at your own pace and see the real side of wherever you are travelling, infinitely superior to what you can find in a guidebook. Choosing a road trip over other conventional modes of transport will undoubtedly save you money and has the overwhelming advantage of convenience. However, it can lead to difficulties further down the road if your trip is not properly planned. Let’s face it: even the most adventurous of us would rather spend the night in a nice comfortable bed than scrunched up in a car seat.

As such, any seasoned traveller will tell you that you need to take certain precautions before setting off just in case your road trip goes wrong.

Make sure you’re fully insured

The first thing every road tripper should consider is their vehicle, not only that it is in full working order but also that it is fully insured. Every person who intends to drive the car should have at least third party insurance on it to avoid any run ins with police when you are on the road. Of course, having insurance means that you will be at least partially covered should any accident occur when you are driving which is obviously more likely to occur after a seven hour stint along the highway. If you happen to be involved in an accident, get in touch with an attorney, preferably one who knows the local area. So if you find yourself in Southern Arizona, look for an attorney in Tucson or Phoenix. Likewise, if you are in New Mexico, look up lawyers in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

Know where you’re sleeping

It might sound like a romantic idea to set off with no destination and if you want freedom in its purest form this might well be your preferred way to travel. However, unless you love camping or curling up on the back seat of a roasting hot car, it is probably a good idea to have at least a vague idea of some local motels to check into. Thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, you will be able to browse such venues from your phone whilst on the move, unless you really are out in the sticks. Don’t leave this to the last minute or you might well find yourselves in a dingy hotel room or risk being told, like Mary and Joseph, that there is ‘no room at the inn’.

Bring plenty of food

While you might want to travel light, you should always remember to pack some basic food supplies to tide you over as you traverse the long stretches of open road. There is nothing worse than arriving at a new town after closing time and forcing yourself to survive on yet another packet of chips. If you end up in the nightmarish situation of a breakdown, these supplies will help tide you over as you wait for the maintenance truck.

It is important to restate the need to be prepared before you embark on your road trip adventure. Minor preparations taken at the beginning will go a long way should anything take a turn for the worse.

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