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What to Consider if You Want to Switch Up Your Front Door

The first thing that people see when they look at your house is often your front door. If you are looking to change the look of your house or want to add some curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank, a fresh coat of paint can do just that.

Freshen Up With Paint

A good place to start is to look at the colors that are already on your home. Unless you want to paint your entire home, you will want to choose a door color that will complement the colors that you have to work with.

Photo by Bella Vista Developments

If you have shutters, you could get a sample from them and match the color so your door will be the exact same. Or you can choose a contrasting color to make your front entryway really pop. If you have a lot of gray on your home, a red door would be an attractive contrast without being too bold.

Yellow is another fun color that will brighten up the color of your home.

Photo by Strickland Homes

Teal is another option, or you could even go with a rich black hue. If you have a lot of bright colors on your home already, you may want to go for a more neutral color, such as black or charcoal.

It Takes Some Elbow Grease

Painting a door can be a day-long project, so make sure that you have plenty of time to complete it. There is also a certain technique that you should use to paint your door and especially if you have a lot of detailing on your door. You want to use smooth, even strokes, or use a cabinet roller for a smooth finish. With any painting project, it is better to use more coats rather than a thick coat that will most likely cause drips.

Photo by Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Ltd. Architects

Make It Easy on Yourself

If painting your door sounds like it would be more than you would like to commit to, you could always shop around for some replacement doors that are basically ready to hang. They come in a nice variety of styles and will freshen up your home without the hassle of a lot of prep work and painting.

Photo by North Georgia Replacement Windows

No matter what you decide to do, a revived door will add an instant facelift to your home and won’t cost very much so you can splurge on some extra potted flowers or a new doormat.

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