What to Ask When Installing Solar Panels

It’s not every day that we can add value to our homes while also adding value to the planet. However, this is exactly what installing solar panels at our houses can do! You may be interested in installing solar panels at your home or business if you’ve seen how properties around you have enjoyed savings and efficiency after having them installed. You may be unsure about what to ask when you reach out to a solar company to get started. Take a look at the essentials to ask when installing solar panels.

What Are the Qualifications of the Kit Provider?

When selecting a company that offers complete solar systems for your home, it’s good to look at installer backgrounds. Start by simply asking how many years a company has been in business, how many systems a company has supplied and how many states a company operates in. A reputable company should also have many past projects and customer reviews to show you!

What Are the Policies for Warranties and Replacements?

One of the big benefits of going with a solar panel system is that this option requires virtually no maintenance or cleaning. According to Unbound Solar, “How often your panels need to be cleaned will typically depend on the location and climate of your installation. For residential systems, regular rainfall may be enough to keep panels clean and free of debris.” In fact, solar panels can be expected to last up to 35 years! While solar is a durable and low-maintenance option, there is also the possibility that panels could become compromised or damaged at some point in their lifetimes. It’s good to know what the procedure looks like in the event that you need solar repairs or replacements. First, inquire about any warranties. In some cases, there may be different warranties in place for different components within a complete home solar setup. It’s also important to know the steps to take to contact the right person if you need assistance with your panels.

Is There a Performance Guarantee?

When getting an idea of what your solar output will be, it’s important to ask a future provider about any minimum performance guarantees that will be in place. Start by asking for a quote for what the expected performance at your property would be. Next, inquire about what happens if the minimum expectation is not met. Be sure to also inquire about what happens if your system ends up producing more power than is needed at your property.

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What Happens If You Need to Break a Contract Early?

Not every home ends up being a forever home. While you may be investing in solar panels because you anticipate being in your home for many years to come, there’s always the possibility that you will move before your solar contract is up. Be sure to ask about the process for breaking a contract early in the event of a move.

Do Complete Solar Systems for Your Home Come With Insurance?

When getting a quote for a solar system, be sure to ask if there’s an insurance policy that comes with the system you’re purchasing. If there is a policy, be sure to ask if the coverage extends to your roof. If there is no policy attached, you may need to put special coverage on your existing homeowners insurance to make sure your solar system is covered.

Bright Ideas: Create a Smart Investment for Your Home by Asking the Right Questions When Purchasing Solar Panels

The best way to get specific answers to the questions you have regarding solar energy for your home is to simply ask the company supplying or installing your kit! During the quote process, you’ll have opportunities to get specific answers about costs, coverage and energy output based on the type of system you’re choosing. Many people who investigate solar panels for their homes are surprised to discover that there are many different types of solar options that suit different types of home around the country.

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