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What Technology to Look for in Your Next Mattress

The right bed can be the difference between a productive, satisfying day and a groggy struggle. Keeping your body healthy and strong takes more than exercise and diet. Sleep is the time when your body and brain are cleansed and healed. If you struggle to fall asleep naturally, use some of the tech mentioned below to increase your quality of sleep.

Staying Cool

It’s nearly always possible to find ways to warm up a bed. However, trying to get quality sleep when you’re over-heated is miserable. If you choose to buy a foam mattress, look for gel-infused foam that is formulated to shed heat. A natural latex product is also more likely to shed heat than a poly foam mattress.

The average skin temperature of a human is just over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimum sleeping temperature is in the high 80s. There are companies that are formulating mattresses and covers to maintain that optimum sleeping temperature. If you are a hot sleeper, look for foam mattresses with a warranty that is formulated to keep you cool.

Be aware that many mattress producers offer free returns within 100 days. However, make sure you read the fine print. Many of these businesses also require you to try the mattress for 30 days. Change is hard, even if your current bed isn’t ideal. Take the time to give that new mattress an honest chance.

Comfort for Partners

If you’re a side sleeper, you need a softer bed. If your partner is a tummy sleeper, a soft bed can be miserable. If you have the space for a king, you may be able to pair two twin mattresses so you can both sleep side by side in comfort.

You can also invest in a mattress that provides air support and allows you to adjust your side to your firmness preference. Before you make an investment in any high-tech bed, make sure you check the warranty so you have some flexibility if you can’t get this bed to work for you and your partner.

Even better, many of these mattresses come on a frame that offers additional flexibility for elevating your head, your feet, or sitting up to read before bed.

More Than Sleeping

If you’ve been working from home or love to read before you fall asleep, investing in a queen adjustable bed that folds your mattress so you can sit comfortably in bed is a great investment.

This frame can also help to improve your health. For example, you can

With a quality foam mattress, an adjustable frame can turn your bed into your lounge space as well.

Pressure Point Concerns

For many, their old mattress works well enough but isn’t working after a hard workout day. To reduce pressure point concerns, aches, or general tiredness, consider adding an egg crate mattress with a copper or charcoal infusion.

An egg crate can also be infused with fragrance, from lavender to green tea. If you want a foam mattress or egg crate topper but can’t stand the scent of foam, these infused products may also help.

Finally, if you love the look of a flat, square mattress, skip the egg crate and invest in a flat topper. Egg crates are comfy, but they are bumpy to the eye.

Cleaning Ease

Many of us have robot vacuums keeping our floors tidy. If you love your Roomba, consider investing in a floating platform bed. These beds have a smaller base than the mattress platform. Your robot vacuum can get under there and keep things tidy.

You can also add lighting to your platform bed that can serve as an underbed nightlight should you need to use the bathroom, check on a pet, or care for a child. Consider adding a motion sensor at the floor level to turn on this lower, gentler level of light when you need to get up in the night.

Sleep is critical to good health, a good attitude, and a happy life. Tired people are not just grumpy, they can be dangerous. Invest in the best bed you can afford for you and your partner to help you enjoy the waking hours of your life.

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