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What Sort of Conference Room is Right for Your Business? Expert Design Ideas for Impact

From the moment you open your business, you need to make sure that you have the right work environment to make sure that your employees are at the top of their game. Yes, this does mean that your building needs to get enough sunlight, have a cheerful theme and potentially include a relaxation space. However, if you are looking to get some work done, you may also want to incorporate a conference room. So, what sort of conference room would be right for your business? Here is what you can learn from expert designs to ensure that your conference room is everything your employees have dreamed of.

Consider who is going to be in the conference room

Regardless of how big your staff size is, you need to remember that you are not only going to be inviting them into your conference room. Business marketers, competition or even clients may go into the room to talk out the details of a potential deal. That’s why you need to make sure that your conference room caters towards them.

If your audience is young, “hip” and are from the Millennial era, top designers know that they should incorporate bright colours, fun themes (like a comic theme with art and pop colours) or a lot of relaxing chairs and a large board. Quirky and hipsterish is what will appeal to them.

However, if you are entertaining an older businessman, he may be used to a professional-looking conference/meeting room. That means you may want to have a lot of windows, wooden furniture, flowers and a digital projector to show them an important presentation. You may want them to resemble the meeting rooms From Be Offices as these are not only cheap meeting rooms but they have a slick design that would impress any client.

Viewable or Private?

Any sort of expert designer knows that there are a lot of meeting spaces designed for larger and smaller meetings. If you are interested in having several meeting spaces, you need to consider how private they are going to be. If you want to have a large open space then you should consider having large windows so people can see who is actively using the space. Smaller spaces can still be comfortable. Make sure to use bright colours in the meeting room to increase your space and modern lightening.


Any sort of meeting room needs to have basic equipment to account for presentations and speakers. That means you need to find a way of incorporating projects, screens and microphones into the room without making it look crowded. Try to keep them out of the main space of the room so that workers can move around the area. Equipment conference rooms tend to be useful for bigger corporations to ensure that all of their guests can hear them during a meeting.

Relaxed Meeting space

Remember, you can use a conference room for more than just meetings. If you want to have team-building exercises in the same environment, try and make the room “flexible.” That means it could also contain comfortable seating and tables, but has enough space to have them pushed away. That way, group exercises could take place, or even group rewards, such as a yoga or a teambuilding exercise.

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