What pitfalls can you face renting an apartment in the UAE?

Renting an apartment in Dubai is the most acceptable option for foreigners planning to stay in the UAE for a long time.

It is wise to agree on renting a house upon arrival, as pictures on the Internet often have little to do with reality.

Economical and comfortable accommodation in Dubai: how to find a budget option

Flats prices in the UAE for rent are indicated on the website for the year. This is due to the fact that residential premises are usually rented under a contract. If a traveler wants to know how much they have to pay per month, they will need to divide the annual price by 12.

But there is a but. In general, the rent is not paid on a monthly basis. You need to pay for accommodation once a year, once per six months, or once a quarter.

The option with four payments per year, provided that the flat or apartment in Dubai is rented for 12 months, is considered optimal.

Negotiating the price with landlords is possible and necessary as this is the only way to agree on a good rent.

Where to find apartments for rent in Dubai?

In 99% of cases, renting a property in Dubai is carried out through a real estate agency. It is almost impossible to rent an apartment directly from an owner.

When renting a living space, you will need to pay an agency commission. It is approximately equal to the amount of the monthly rental payment.

Before entering the apartment, you must pay:

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  • Security deposit (1,500-2,000 dirhams). This is a payment to the owner of the apartment.
  • Deposit to a company that is for responsible for the supply of electricity  (2,000 dirhams).
  • Contract (200 dirhams).
  • Gas connection (500 dirhams).
  • Sometimes the tenant will be charged extra for the air conditioner. If there is such a deposit, it is also approximately equal to 2,000 dirhams. In some cases, payment for Internet connection is required.

In total, when renting an apartment for a long time, you will have to immediately pay about 9,220 dirhams ($2,526).

What determines the cost of renting apartment in Dubai?

The rental price depends on several factors. The season plays one of the crucial roles. In summer, real estate market tend to drop, and this is the time to spend holidays in Dubai with less costs than in autumn or winter.

In summer you can find a one-bedroom studio for at least $30,000.

But the area also affects the price. Thus, renting a beachfront villa or an apartment will cost much more than in an area remote from the seacoast.

How the cost of renting an apartment depends on the area

Rental prices depend on the location of an apartment or villa. The highest rents are in tourist areas close to the seaside and major attractions.

It is much lower in residential areas and on the outskirts of the city.

How the seasons affect apartment rental prices

The rent increases with the onset of the high season. In Dubai, this is the period from October to April. Prices rise by about 20%-30%.

The low season takes place in Dubai during summer months. Rental prices go down in May – August.

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