What Makes Gilding Furniture Restoration So Important?

Gilding refers to the application of a layer of metals, such as gold, silver or white gold to the well-crafted surfaces of different types of furniture. There are two common methods that are used for the process of gilding furniture restoration and they are:

  • Oil Gilding: This is a common type of restoration method that is often used for the exteriors or the outer surface of the furniture. However, it cannot be burnished, but it is regarded as one of the cost effective methods for restoration.
  • Water Gilding: This is an expensive type of gilding that is utilized for the interiors of the furniture. Best thing about water gilding is that it can be burnished and thus is the ideal option for those furniture that have been damaged to a dramatic extent and thus require high quality restoration procedure.

When do Gilding Furniture Need Restoration?

Just like any other type of furniture, with time the gilding styled furniture tend to lose their shine and thus do not hold the same aesthetic appeal that they used to have when they are new. Further, with the course of time their quality is hampered, and the same reflects in their durability. This is the period when restoration becomes of utmost importance for your gilding furniture. Depending upon the type of gilding that is placed on your furniture, the entire gild is re-constructed and designed just the way it used to be before.

With this you get back the shine and aura of the gild but without compromising with its quality. Important thing here is that the carat of the precious metal that is utilized for the process of gilding always matches up to the carat that was earlier used on the surface of the furniture.

Gilding Restoration on Different Types of Furniture

The process of gilding restoration is carried on a wide range of furniture such as tables, chairs, mirrors, console tables, mirror frames, arm chairs and many more. Essentially, these process are hand crafted for those vintage furniture that were predominant during the 19th century. This was the period when the French witnessed a furniture revolution and Louis VIII started to go up with creative thoughts of woodworkers so as to make the most of his royal furniture. As time passed by, the style of these furniture grew but the vintage one were somehow lost with time.

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Soon, furniture fanatics started to show their interest on this furniture and this is what lead to the importance of gilding furniture restoration. With the use of these restoration services, the vintage furniture could get back a new life, but however were still touched by their timeless contemporary design.

What are the benefits of Gilding Furniture Restoration?

There are several benefits of gilding restoration done on furniture some of them are

  • Enhanced Quality: As mentioned above with time the quality of the furniture tends to decreases and so does the gilding work done on it. Thus, carrying out renovation would not only amplify the look of the furniture but at the same time it will even enhance its quality.
  • Affordable: Compared to any other form of restoration processes made on vintage furniture the gilding restoration is extremely affordable, and is something that can be done by professionals from different parts of the world.
  • Availability: Considering the popularity of these furniture there are several companies that offer gilding furniture restoration for their customers. Every company holds craftsmen who hold the required skills, expertise and qualification to complete the process of restoration with perfection. As, the professionals understand the value of your classic collection of furniture and do their best to enhance its value.

Do you want to know more about gilding furniture restoration and give the best look to your furniture? Then get in touch with us and catch advice from a respected furniture supplier.

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