What Kind of Windows Should I Have in My Living Room?

Windows are more important than you may think. They are a big factor in determining the temperature inside your home and how much you pay in utilities. They help to create the overall aesthetic of a home and people’s first impression of it. However, you may still wonder about what windows you should choose for your living room. This is a bigger decision than you may first realize. Here are some options to consider.

Casement Windows

If you know what casement windows are, you likely associate them with bedrooms and kitchens. However, they are an excellent choice for living room windows as well. Casement windows open up to the outside on a hinge with the use of a crank. They are great for creating ventilation and can help to increase the air quality within your living room. They are available in a number of different creative designs and can add some visual flair to your living room.

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Picture Windows

A second option you should consider is obtaining picture windows for your living room. Picture windows are the best choice for window installation if you want a completely unobstructed view of the outdoors from the living room. They can certainly provide that. However, as a trade-off, they are inoperable and cannot actually be opened. They are also an excellent choice for providing some natural heat into the space since they allow the most sunlight to pass through into your living room.

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Bay Windows

Bay windows are a third option to consider. Bay windows are actually a combination of three separate windows together. Two of these windows at the sides operate with a crank similarly to casement windows. The middle window, like a picture window, is inoperable and simply for looking out of. Bay windows are aesthetically beautiful and combine the best qualities of both casement and picture windows.

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Bow Windows

Bow windows are actually quite similar to bay windows. The biggest difference is there are four windows or more as opposed to only three. Like bay windows, they include a combination of casement and picture windows. If you have a large enough wall in your living room, bow windows can be a breathtaking choice that will impress both your family and visitors alike.

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Different choices for windows can have different benefits for your living room. Such benefits include providing a better view of the outdoors, providing more ventilation and providing more heat. Think through your decision carefully.

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