What Causes Plumbing Leaks?

Plumbing leaks in a house are fairly common, but every time they occur, they cause a lot of nuisance. That’s why they aren’t something that you can ignore. Almost all homeowners at some point may have experienced dripping faucets, leaky shower taps and water oozing from under the sink.

Not only does a water leak wastes a natural resource like water, but it can also damage the property. Water accumulation results in unwanted organic growth and foul-smell in your home.

Since pipes are not visible in the home, one cannot accurately figure out where and why there is a leak. However, the consequences of a plumbing leak can be far-reaching if it is not identified and repaired on time.

What may look like a minor leak can be the cause of major underlying problems. The homeowner needs to pinpoint and understand the causes of leaks to avoid significant damage.

Here are some of the reasons why pipes in your home may be dripping:

Damaged Seals

Seals are always applied to the pipes during the installation. These watertight seals are placed to prevent water from dripping through the joints.

However, with time, these seals lose their tenacity and become loose or get damaged, causing the pipes to leak water. You may well identify the broken pipes when you see water pools around or near any appliance.

Water Stress

Pipes can get damaged due to high water pressure. Water pipes can endure a certain level of pressure, and when water goes through the pipe with excessive pressure, it may damage the pipe, or in worst cases, may burst open pipes causing the area to flood.

To be sure about the water pressure in the pipe, you may want to get it checked by an expert.

Rusted Pipes

Rusted pipes are one of the biggest causes of water leaks. Like everything else, pipes also come with an expiry. With time, the pipes you have installed in your home corrode. It is indicated through a change in the color of the pipe from metallic to rustic.

Homeowners should have their pipes replaced if they are too old. If left untreated, the corrosion will chomp the pipes slowly, leaving it with gaps for water to leak out, causing structural damage at your home.

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Before you decide to replace pipes, have them examined by a professional plumbing service. Repairing rusted pipes can be expensive. Therefore, it is always wise to call a plumbing service to come and inspect the fault first so that they can give a complete diagnosis and a cost estimate.

You can ask your friends and family to refer you to the plumbing service. However, if that doesn’t help, you can search on the internet to find a reliable plumbing service in your area. For example, if you live in Orland Hills, Illinois, you can search “Plumbers in Orland Hills”. From the results, you can choose a plumbing service based on their service record and customer reviews.

Temperature Change

The most innate property of a metal is that with a change in temperature, the size of the metal changes. It means that the metal pipes used in your plumbing system may contract in extreme winter while they may expand in summers.

If this change of temperature occurs rapidly, then it may cause damage to your pipes. This is because quick changes in the temperature level will allow for contraction and expansion of the pipes resulting in breaking and bursting, thus leaking water.

Blocked Drains

To keep the drains from being blocked, you will have to clean them regularly. If they are blocked, the drains not only cause inconvenience to you but can also result in severe water damage and overflowing.

Loose Water Connections

Loose water connections also cause leaks. The plumber who fixed the pipes in your home last time may have left a joint loose that is causing the water leak. Also, if the pipes aren’t fitted at correct angles, the joint won’t hold tightly. It also causes water to leak.

Backyard Trees

The main cause of water leak may be well found outside your home too. The tree roots in your backyard can disrupt the flow of water in the pipes and hamper their normal functioning. Tree roots can be the cause of water leak if they obstruct the water lines going in and out of the home.

To identify water leaks caused by tree roots, look out for wet areas in your backyard or call for an expert if your notice changes in the water pressure.

Final Word

A water leak can create a disaster in your home. If you have a stained wall at one corner of your home, then blame the leaky water pipes. The damage it does to your house not only makes it look ugly but also results in a pungent smell. It also reduces the monetary value of your home.

Therefore, timely fixing of water leaks is essential. To prevent bigger problems, get your home inspected by a professional plumbing service, and save yourself from spending a fortune in case of big damage.

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