What can I use to dry wet Carpets?

Wetness is the worst enemy of your carpets. Moisture can damage your carpet to the extent that it might become impossible to clean it and rather get a new one. You might ask, why or how does your carpet becomes useless if it is exposed to moisture for a long time then professional would like you to know that moisture can make your carpet fibers form mold and mildew which is not easy to remove.

So whenever you find out that your carpet is wet or exposed to excess moisture then try to get it dry as soon as possible. Drying a soaked carpet can be even tougher than cleaning a stained carpet so try to keep moisture out of your carpets.

Signs your carpet needs drying:

Although you might think that why won’t you know if your carpet is wet as it’s a very noticeable thing. But under some circumstances, you might not be able to figure out if your carpet is wet. See for these signs mentioned below for being sure that your carpet is wet:

  • If you have a musty smell in your home all the time then it’s an obvious sign of wet carpet. It can be wet in a career or under any furniture, out of your sight.
  • Even if you keep your house clean all the time but still someone in your home keeps getting allergies then it can also be due to a moist and moldy carpet.
  • If you see rippling or buckling on your carpets then it is definitely because of moisture coming from the floor of your home. There can be a leakage under the floor due to which the carpet is getting moist.

Should I Let Wet Carpets Sit?

No matter what’s the reason due to which your carpet got wet, you should always try to get it dried up as soon as possible. A wet carpet won’t get better if you let it sit like that. Do anything possible for you to clean your carpet because if you won’t clean the mess soon, your carpet will start developing bacteria and fungi which in turn make molds on your carpets. Cleaning mold out of carpet is not an easy job so your best option is to remove the moisture rather than just sitting there and thinking it will get better with time.

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6 Tips for Drying a Wet Carpet

Although there are so many ways in which you can dry your carpet but here Major Carpet Cleaners is mentioning the 6 tips that will help you in removing the wetness from your carpet in the least time possible:

  • Remove Furniture: before you do anything else, you must remove any furniture from the room and keep it in another room. Removal of furniture is very crucial in 3 ways, firstly, if you won’t remove the furniture from the room then the moisture in the carpet will start affecting the furniture. Second thing is that the removal of furniture exposes all the areas in your room that might not be reachable while trying to clean the carpet. And lastly, the third and most important thing is that if the padding below the carpet is damaged due to wet carpet then it will be easier to remove carpet with no furniture on your carpet.
  • Extract the water: Now that all the furniture has been removed you can start with extracting all the water present inside your carpet. You can use a vacuum cleaner to dry the wet carpet as it will suck out all the moisture present deep inside the fibers of your carpet. Rather than using a regular vacuum cleaner, you can hire a wet vacuum that can suck out water from your carpets more efficiently.
  • Switch on the Fans for Airflow: By switching on the fan in your room you will allow better ventilation that will remove any moisture contents in the air and increase the speed of drying your carpet. In addition to this open all the windows in the room. If it’s daytime then sun rays will also help in getting rid of excess moisture from the carpet.
  • Replace Carpet Padding: Carpet paddings also contain a lot of moisture if your carpet is wet and if the origin of moisture is from the floor then the carpet padding should be removed as soon as possible as it will keep on making your carpet wet even if you keep cleaning the upper surface of the carpet.
  • Sprinkle Baking Soda: You can use baking soda for wet carpet treatment as it is an excellent absorbent that helps in removing moisture from your carpet and along with that it also removes the musty smell from the carpet. It also takes care of any molds or bacteria that may have started breeding in your carpet. Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and after it dries out remove it with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Use steam cleaner: A steam cleaner will kill all the microbes and bacteria that are present in your carpet as due to moisture many fungi and bacteria begin to appear in your carpet. The high temperature of steam not only kills them but also removes the unpleasant smell from your carpet.

A wet carpet can be harmful to you in many ways so try to fix any leaks in your home to avoid getting your carpet wet. In case if you think it’s tough for you to take care of the carpet on your own then you can call Major Carpet Cleaners for water damage restoration in Sydney. All the workers of Major Carpet Cleaners are trained professionals who have unparalleled expertise in handling any carpet-related problems that you might be facing. So if you want some professionals to take care of your carpets then without any doubt you can rely upon Major Carpet Cleaners to take care of the situation.

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