What are the Harmful Effects of Using Pool Chemicals?

It is a dream for everyone to have a massive house with a pool attached to it. And those who have their homes with a pool along should consider themselves lucky.

Why is everyone demanding a pool?
Because a pool looks great. It gives you the access to relax and enjoy. Not limited to this, but it also increases the value of your home.

Are pools safe??
Pools are safe in themselves, but when we use chemicals in our swimming pools, they not only get worse for the human body but have immense effects on the environment’s health.

Want to know what are the harmful effects of chemically treated pools!!

Here we go.

Consumption of energy

In the swimming pools, we use water pumps to circulate the water to keep it clean and free from algae. But this is one source of major energy consumption as the pool pumps consume from 3000 to 5000 kilowatt per hour energy per year. According to the information from the Energy Information Agency, it is estimated that 9% of the residential energy in the United States is consumed by the swimming pools only.

Wastage of water

Yes, swimming pools wastewater.

How the water is wasted in a swimming pool?

Due to the evaporation and the leaks occurring in the swimming pools, a significant amount of water is wasted every year. It is no denial that the pool owners do not cover their pools during the seasons when they use them. And due to this in the hottest months of the year, water evaporation rates rise and this leads to a significant wastage of water, as it evaporates at a very fast rate.

Evaporation of water is not a big problem but along with the evaporation of this pool water, the chemicals surrounding the pool also get evaporated into the air and directly contribute to the production of greenhouse gasses.

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Further, according to another estimated report, at least one swimming pool in every five swimming pools leaks. And among twenty leaks one leak is a very severe one. Due to this, the water penetrates the earth, and simultaneously chlorine and bromine also enter the soil and water, which make it harmful for the organisms living there.

Chemicals used in pools are hazardous.

Mostly the chemicals used in pools, such as chlorine, have a very high negative impact on the environment and the creatures living there especially pets. If the living creatures are exposed to these chemicals repeatedly then not only their immune system would fail, but also their blood, heart, and respiratory systems would go out of order.

And if the cleansing is not done properly then these chemicals may block the drains also.

In another report from the National Swimming Pool Foundation, over 10.4 million residential swimming pools present in the United States are being treated with chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

Harmful effects on your Biological Health

These chemicals can lead to the following problems in your body-

  1. Respiratory Defects
  2. Neurological Dysfunction
  3. Epiglottitis
  4. Cardiovascular Defects
  5. Skin Infection
  6. Eye Infection
  7. Gastrointestinal Issues
  8. Kidney Cancer
  9. Liver Infection
  10. Colorectal Cancer

How can we make our pools eco-friendly and safe?

Every pool owner should think about going eco-friendly with their pool because an environmentally friendly pool would reduce the massive impact on human health and the environment.

To make an eco-friendly pool, there are several ways to achieve it. Some of which are installing energy-efficient pumps to reduce the energy consumption, covering the pool with a pool blanket to reduce the rate of evaporation and simultaneously reduce the rate of chemicals released into the environment, and the best alternative is to convert your chemically treated swimming pool into a natural swimming pool.

A natural swimming pool is free of chemicals, and only natural principles are used to filter harmful microorganisms to do this we can use pool cleaners. It maintains your health and provides you with a sustainable environment and a beautiful swimming area.

Don’t wait for the chemicals in your pool to harm your health and make you suffer from any of the health problems and then spend on treatment, rather take prior precautions and go for sustainable methods to protect your health.

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