What are the Different Types of Electricians?

Most of us believe that there are only two types of electricians present in the industry, residential electricians and commercial electricians. However, you need to know about the other types of electricians also if you are a field worker or want to join this field. There are three other types of electricians that you should know. In this article, we have also explained their roles with proper examples.

Different Types of Electricians

1. Residential Electricians

We are very well aware of the residential electricians. Residential electricians are the most common type. The main work of the residential electricians is to do basic electrical works for homes and around the societies.

Residential electricians have to follow the guidelines set by the state government to do work for the households. They have to resolve the issues faced by society members. If you live in Wisconsin, then Wisconsin electrical license is essential for you to do fieldwork and other jobs.

2. Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electricians are there to do the installation of electricity in the commercial sector. This type of electrician works on large buildings and big industries for the installation of electricity and its equipment.

Commercial projects are backed with proper security and safety equipment for each electrician. Commercial electricians are also known as industrial electricians as they work on big projects and for big industries. You can get your license from Wisconsin Electrician License by taking a quick course online.

3. Highway System Electricians

Highway System Electricians are also important for the safety of the drivers. This type of electrician is working on the roadsides to maintain and to install the lights across the roads. Streetlights, road lights, under-bridge lights maintenance, and installations come under them.

Moreover, they have to strictly follow the rules set by the government. The government standards need to be kept ahead while installing or maintaining the lights that come under their department.

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4. Panel Electricians

Panel Electricians or Panel Builders are professionals that build electrical panels. Starting from assembling the panels to maintaining them, they take care of everything. They also provide installation services as per the requirements.

The need for electrical control panels is increasing day by day. For that reason, the role of panel builders has also been increased recently.

5. Maintenance Electricians

As the name suggests, maintenance electricians are those who focus on the maintenance of electrical systems. Starting from diagnostics to keep the system alive and working, they take care of everything as per the government standards. Maintenance electricians work for the big industries where constant electricity is required.

Maintenance electricians are more responsible than any other type of electricians as they have to work for the installations of the machines, checking the electrical parts and other components, and more.

Electricians can be categorized into two different categories, licensed electricians and certified electricians. Certified electricians are more experienced than licensed electricians. Always prefer to choose certified electricians over licensed electricians.

Since new technology comes in every day, every type of electricians should learn about the different techniques and technologies to keep themselves up to date.

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