Wedding Photo Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018

As wedding photography has seen some very innovative changes in the past few years, we’re very excited to see what 2018 brings. Photographers are adding their artistic touch more and more, whilst incorporating the hottest trends in fashion photography into wedding shoots.

On the other hand, brides and grooms are looking for photographers that will understand their personal style, bring fresh ideas and also offer an interactive experience for the guests. This way of thinking has really shown some stunning collaborations in the past, as couples work together with their photographers to get the wanted result. No more stiffened-portrait-style wedding photos ever again. The upcoming year is showing to be very creative and interesting.


Candids and photojournalism have taken over a large portion of wedding photography and this practice isn’t going away anytime soon, but rather getting perfected. Since there is some controversy among photographers about candid photo shoots, as the idea represents an oxymoron in itself, photographers are getting highly skilled at directing subtly. By guiding people unobtrusively during shoots, they aim to help them actually express their emotions so the photos don’t exhibit a feel of “forced spontaneity”. It’s all about creating a relaxed atmosphere and helping guests (and couples) to not be intimidated by the camera. Definitely not an easy task, but professionals are getting so good at it.

Mirrorless cameras

In direct relation to candids, many photographers have lately been switching to mirrorless cameras because they are more unnoticeable, so guests really don’t even notice they are being photographed. It’s a great tool for documenting all the silly moments and pre-wedding memories at rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, etc. Plus, it’s really bringing about change in terms of the angles from which photos can be taken, so we’re going to be seeing more inviting and personal shots in the future.

Drone wedding photos and videos

Especially for destination weddings and elopements, an increasing number of couples have lately been choosing to bring their own drone. It does really look cool to see the whole event from a completely different perspective. In this case, however, it’s important to be well informed about the policies in your area, as drone usage is strictly regulated in a lot of places.

Smoke bombs

They used to be reserved just for wedding exits, but now they are pushing their way to the actual party and photo shoots of the couple. Photographers are bringing them along to add a stunning pop of colour to the album and everybody loves it!

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Long exposure photos

Thanks to Pinterest and social media, we’ve been introduced to beautiful, dramatic long exposure photography and light painting. It’s becoming an absolute hit at weddings also. Usually using sparklers, couples are able to pose in scenic shots and play with light, drawing words or symbols that hold meaning in reference to their special day. These photos never cease to touch both the couples and the guests.

Flip books

This is one of the most fun ideas that are going to be hot in 2018, as it calls for a bit of silliness and a lot of interaction for the guests. The idea is to take the concept of a photo booth further and mix media, with professionals providing the end result: a flip book for each guest, made from their short silent video. Better yet, couples choose to rent a booth for the filming and even customized backdrops can be made, so the flip books become even more personal and colourful. It’s a really creative way to take home the memories from an endearing event and it takes the fun of gifs and boomerangs a step further.


As weddings seem to be getting more fun each year, this is a hot trend that’s only getting hotter in 2018. Of course, providing that they don’t plan to pass the dress on, brides can have fun-filled shoots at the end of the ceremony or, more often, the next day. Holi powder is used to create colourful, dramatic images or better yet , adventurous couples opt for dramatic underwater shoots that look like they came straight out of a high-end fashion magazine. For those celebrating at the beach, photographers create romantic portraits of couples that are not completely underwater, showing a beautiful horizon and shades of blue. It’s more like celebrating the dress (and the moment) than trashing it.

Dramatic locations

Speaking of oceans and underwater shoots, 2018 is bringing in dramatic scenery and moody shots stronger than ever. Mixing fashion photography practices with whimsical weddings, couples choose to do multi-day shoots in different locations – the more dramatic imagery, the better! Even if the photo session is done indoors, photographers are becoming masters at bringing out the drama and flair, paying attention to the architecture, using black-and-white and playing with angles to bring out the monumental feel of the occasion.

All in all, taking photos of the event is no longer just a task that has to be done, but becoming part of all the fun. Couples are even creating teasers afterwards, posting the photos with a unique hashtag on social media so people can get a glimpse as early as possible. This new year is really proving to be bold and more fun-embracing in all aspects, and luckily, weddings are included.

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