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Wedding Flower Hire Trends That Add Charm

Weddings and marriages are just so incomplete without flowers. Whether the bride is styled or the event place is being decorated, the flowers usage is inevitable in all the situations. Flowers are used to showering blessings on the bride and the groom and also to welcome the guests to the event. A flower is the best way of telling how special the people are who are involved in the ceremony and also that you love them like anything.

Now having said that flowers have a serious business to play in all these weddings!

Surveys have directed the fact that the flowers sale is affected by these weddings’ parties. Some flowers have been popular in Indian weddings for a long time now and then there are some flowers that have attained importance lately and have become a favourite for the services that provide wedding flower hire.


Although it is not considered to be one of the exotic flowers, marigold is a flower that has been used in Indian marriages and weddings probably since the institution has been established. Thanks to the weather of the subcontinent, this flower that is easily available across the different parts of the country and they happen to be quite cheap. Marigold due to their bright festive colours of yellow and orange have been considered to be the ideal flower as per the trends of wedding flower hire. This is a flower and its usage that is precious in terms for Indian festivities.


This is the queen of all flowers and has been considered to be the favourite of all lovers. Roses come in different variety and they have always played a real dominant role in the process of wedding flower hire. These roses help to make the occasion really pretty and festive. Roses are not only pretty but they have a great fragrance that helps to make the event all the more special and gracious.


Lilies are not really native to India, however, in the current times, this is no problem at all! These lilies come in bright hues in different shapes. They have exquisite beauty and they can really add much glamour to any wedding ceremony. They can be used to decorate the venue and also decorate the bride. These blooms are taking a dominant role in the wedding flower hire trend.


Orchids are the hottest favourite of the contemporary brides and grooms. They come in an awesome variety of colours and shapes. This is why they can be used in different types of settings and contexts. Their diversity of looks allows them to be used for different places and they have a unique and exquisite feel about them.


Tulips are the most femme blooms that you will ever get. They come in a mesmerizing array of colours and are a current popular with the decorators appointed for wedding flower hire. These tulips are easily available, and they stay fresh for a very long time. They have proven to be really effective for decorating modern weddings.


White, fresh and fragrant jasmine is a type of flower that can set the mood just right. All that you need is the fresh garlands of the flower. They can be used to adorn the bride, worn as varmalas or even adorn the stage and the mandap where the wedding is taking place.

Whichever flower bloom you select please ensure first the availability and the cost of the flowers beforehand. This will make the task much easier for you and also the decorators.

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