Ways You Can Bring Pieces of Old World Beauty Into Your Modern Home Décor

While minimalism and modernism have taken hold of home décor, there is something to be said for Old World charm. Something is comforting about the colors, textures, and styles of Old Word Europe that transcend time. Even just a few Old World elements can give a home with minimalist décor added warmth and character.

Deep Rich Colors

While you may appreciate the lean lines of modern furniture, using rich yet muted colors can add an Old World touch. Soft shades of cream and ocher, and muted shades of burgundy, deep green, and blue lend any room a regal aura. Use these colors on the walls, window treatments, and upholstery. Throwing an Oriental rug onto a hardwood is a fast way to add a little Old World charm to a room.

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Old World Art

Hanging classic-style museum art instantly gives a room an air of sophistication. Quality reproductions of Renaissance or Rococo-style paintings are readily available for instant Old World style.

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But, Old World folk art can create a fun and homey feeling. For example, wooden Russian matryoshka dolls are bright, colorful, and fun. These are the Russian dolls that stack small dolls within larger dolls. They are also called Russian tea dolls, babushka dolls, or nesting dolls. Russian matryoshka dolls would look great in a kitchen, child’s room, or sunroom.

Classic Fabrics

Upholster your furniture in fabrics such as damask, silks, velvet, tapestry, and old-fashioned floral patterns. Choose rich, muted hues that are comfortable and easy on the eye. Heavy, velvet draperies not only have the look, but they will also help to insulate your windows. Don’t forget to trim your furnishing and draperies with details like tassels and fringe.

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Antique Furniture

Whether it’s heavy, dark carved wood or light, airy, and ornate French Rococo, a few, key pieces can give any room a little Old World charm. You don’t need to furnish your entire home with antiques, but a few chairs or even a single table can transform your décor. Pay attention to small details such as cabinet and door hardware.

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Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures

Hanging a crystal or a rustic chandelier lights up any room with Old World style. Look for ornate fixtures with a burnished bronze or gold finish. Also, faux candles and flickering bulbs can complete the look.

Photo by Audino Construction, Inc.

We live in a modern world, yet, often crave the comfort that the Old World has to offer. Adding Old World style and comfort to your home is easy. Try these tips for adding some Old World beauty to your home.

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