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Ways to Reduce Construction Times for Your Home Renovation Projects

Renovating a home can be a time-consuming process. If you go about it the right way, though, you may be able to reduce the amount of time the work takes. Here are four ways to reduce construction times for home renovation projects.

Try to Schedule Two Projects at Once

If you’re doing a thorough renovation, you may require different professionals working in different areas of your home. A very easy way to shorten the time it takes you to renovate the home is to schedule multiple projects alongside each other. Having roofers and flooring professionals working at the same time, for instance, will allow you to complete two projects at once without the crews getting in each other’s way. Be sure not to schedule crews that will have to work closely with one another, such as trying to have plumbing and electrical work done at the same time.

Get Estimates and Project Plans From Multiple Contractors

As with cost, different contractors may quote you different construction times for your project. Getting multiple estimates will allow you to select the contractor that can complete the work in the shortest amount of time. The same process will also let you see which contractor will offer you the best price, allowing you to optimize your project for the best combination of speed and cost.

Use Prefabricated Material Where Possible

While it won’t be applicable to every project, using prefabricated materials can significantly expedite the construction process. Installing pre-built wall frames, for example, will take much less time than having a team of carpenters construct new framing on site. With prefabricated material, more of the work will already be done by the time the construction materials arrive at your home.

Tackle the Projects Before Moving In

If you’ve just purchased your home, consider tackling the renovations before you move in. Doing this is a good way to save time, since the construction crews won’t have to work around you or your belongings. Obviously this approach won’t work if you’re already living in your home, but it’s worth keeping in mind for possible future properties.

Using these four simple tips, you can get the hassle and disruption of a major renovation project over with more quickly. Even under the best circumstances, you’ll still have to invest some time and put up with some difficulties when renovating your home. Once the projects are done, though, you’ll find that the results more than justify the temporary inconvenience.

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