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Water Parks in Europe to Visit with Family

Sometimes it appears to be quite challenging to whip up an exciting trip that would fit all group members, especially if you are traveling with your family. With different wishes as to what to see and do, you might quickly come to be at odds with each other. However! There are some safe and fascinating choices that are ideal to entertain the entire family. So, if you are planning your next Eurotrip, make sure to include some of the best water parks. Here is our list of suggestions!

Caribe Bay Water Park, Venice

Since any kind of itinerary of the perfect Italy trip includes visiting Venice, the Caribe Bay Water Park will be on the way and only add to the fun!

Most travelers judge Venice for its most known attractions, like the Doge Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, the canals, and so on. But if you were to take a closer look, there are plenty of fun activities and entertainment centers as well! Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with touring museums and historical sites all day, but soaking and splashing in water? Who would not want that?

Caribe Bay is one of Italy’s most impressive water parks, with scary falls and jumps, pirate-themed battlegrounds, and even areas for climbing! All family members will find something to do here, and you will gain some quality bonding time!

You can throw yourself down the clear waters off a rope net after performing some hardcore acrobatic moves in an attempt to remain hanging! You can also test out your adrenaline levels by going down Europe’s highest waterslide and even walking a tightrope 20 meters above the ground. Really, the possibilities are endless!

AquaPalace, Prague

Now, let’s head to the gorgeous Czech Republic to brighten your days with colorful slides, saunas, and SPAs!

The reason it is so exciting to find a water park in a place such as the Czech Republic is that the country is usually more well-known for being very rich culturally and historically and well-established architecturally, but not really colorful or that entertaining. Well, AquaPalace makes up for all of it!

The water park is so perfectly fitting for the whole family because while there are plenty of slides and fun rides that are usually preferred by children, there are also lovely, steamy saunas and SPAs for the parents. So enjoy the heat, the clear waters, massages, and other procedures, while the children go nuts on the waterslides. Speaking of, AquaPalace has the longest waterslide in the whole country!

AREA 47, Vienna

After relaxing in the Czech SPAs, we suggest grabbing the Prague to Vienna high speed train and continuing with your water adventures in this exciting park with an even more exciting name!

So far, the first one on our list, AREA 47, is an outdoor water park and appeals to tourists looking for some adventurous time to share with their loved ones! The park is located right near the Austrian Alps, so you can imagine the magical scenery of its surroundings. However, aside from the gorgeous landscapes, there are over 30 water-based activities well-suited to everyone’s needs. These include ziplining, rafting, and canoeing, and if you still seek something even more adrenaline-pumping, try out wakeboarding!

See a completely different side of Vienna and try to enjoy every minute of it – no matter your age, you deserve to have some fun. A lot of fun, at that!

Lalandia, Billund

Finally, let’s see what Scandinavia has to offer. By the looks of it – a lot! The most prominent aquapark in the region, Lalandia in Billund, Denmark, is in the running to become the highlight of your Eurotrip!

Featuring a selection of family-friendly waterslides and pools, Lalandia is highly popular among travelers in Scandinavia, so make sure to check availability before simply driving off! And do not be discouraged by the number of cars you will see in the parking lot – Lalandia is so big and spacious, at times, it will feel like you and your family are the only ones there. Now, onto some fun slides!

Check out Twister and Octopus, two of the most popular slides to go down, and if you wish to unwind a bit, head to one of the warm pools with lazy streams that will ease up your muscles and help you completely relax. However, children usually ignore those and head straight to the Aqua Splash Water Playground, where they can play games and interact!

These are just a few of the numerous fun waterparks in Europe, so make sure to check out the top-visited in whichever countries your journey takes you. Keep in mind, though, that you should buy tickets in advance, or at least make an inquiry – these places are quite often full of people. Now, pack a bathing suit; it is time for some aqua fun!

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