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Want to Travel the World? Here are Some Places to Start Your Journey

When you see yourself on vacation, where is it exactly you picture yourself? On a beach in Maui, visiting snow capped mountains in Zurich or taking in the scenic views on the volcanic islands in Ecuador? Depending on your vision of an ideal vacation destination, there is something out there for everyone. And why stop just at your favorite place? Take your time to visit the world and all of its amazing locations.

An Asian Adventure

Does the idea of an Asian adventure appeal to you? If you are more relaxed and laid back, worry not because there are plenty of places to kick back in the sun with a delicious drink. Book a trip to Phuket where cerulean waters call your name. Another superb place for beach goers is Bali.

If you want to go to another country and experience their everyday life and explore their culture, be sure to visit Japan. These 5 tips will help you on your journey to the land of the rising sun. There is a rich history in Japan. Take time to visit a place like Takayama, where the hustle and bustle gives way to a relaxed rural setting, and you’ll get to get a glimpse of traditional Japan. Then you can return to Tokyo for a blend of old and new in one glorious mixing pot.

Exploring Europe

For those of you looking to get some skiing in while on vacation, look no further than the Swiss Alps. Be sure to pack the warm gear from Champion wholesale apparel & T-shirts to keep yourself warm while you glide down the slopes. They have a variety of options to suit your individual style and needs. The last thing you want to haven happen while on vacation is to be cold and miserable, right? Other great locations to consider for your European trip should include Dublin, Berlin and Munich where the cultures are something to behold. If you’re into the popular spots, then London, Paris and Rome are for you. Each location has their fair share of tourist traps, so be sure to see what you must see then make time to explore off the beaten path a little. This will help you to really get an appreciation of the area.

The great thing about exploring all of the grand places in Europe is that you can drive or take a train from location to location. Being able to zip from country to country and knock two or three  of the best places to visit in Europe off your list in a matter of a few weeks is awesome.

Nice Areas in North America

Vacationing in North America can take you to a wide variety of places with nearly unlimited experiences along the way. Between the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, and Mexico, there are plenty of locations to visit.

If you’re into a caribbean vacation, here are some amazing islands to put on your list.

Through the states you can visit mountainous regions with skiing in the winter such as Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. If a beach life is for you, both coasts have beautiful locations for you to visit, including Myrtle Beach, SC and Southampton, NY on the east and Huntington Beach in California and Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Take a trip to Mexico for a combination of wonderful beaches, immersive culture and excellent food options.

If a Canadian vacation is at hand, there are many wonderful cities to visit. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, to name a few, all have something to share when it comes to culture, food and sights. Ottawa, which is the smallest of the four destinations, is bike friendly if you wanted to take in the views at your own relaxed pace. Toronto and Montreal on the east have plenty of wonderful museums, restaurants and arenas to watch professional sports. Head over to the western part of Canada and Vancouver has a bustling environment with restaurants galore, public parks and beaches for your to enjoy.

The world is a big place and no matter what you want to do or which weather you want to experience, there are vacation destinations both domestically and internationally that are just waiting for you to explore them!

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