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Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Home

It’s been said that you can judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for the decor of your home. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or you just want to improve the art on the walls, you should think carefully about how to decorate your home with wall art that fits your style. Consider the following ideas for decorating your home with wall art:

Plaques and Wood Slats

If you’re trying to add a rustic touch to your home, consider incorporating wood into your interior design scheme. Whether you opt for something like a wooden plaque or a wide plank wall-mounting, wood will make your space feel warm and inviting. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they add an extra layer of visual appeal and can add interest to your walls.

If wood isn’t quite your style, consider marble tiles for a similar feel. Both are simple enough for DIY-ers yet provide a polished look that’s great for hanging in any room.

Animal Prints

Animal prints add a splash of color and attitude to any home. Try framing some animal print artwork with a complimentary wood frame for a fun twist on traditional black and white framed artwork. Include one big piece in your living room and place smaller ones in less-used rooms like your office or kitchen for a pop of style that still feels classy.

Metal Prints

Unlike the process of collecting traditional art, metal printing is an affordable way to customize any room or office space. The process involves printing your image of choice onto aluminum metal plates. From there, they’re mounted on a framing material like styrene.

One benefit of this type of decor is that metal prints can be placed outside without any degradation in quality. If your prints are bold and unique but you don’t want to commit too much money on custom artwork, these prints are a cost-effective alternative.

Canvas Prints

If you enjoy the feel of canvas paintings but can’t commit to original art, consider buying canvas prints. With canvas prints, you can switch up the style and theme of your art without putting too much pressure on your wallet. Framed prints are also a great option for decorating without getting too serious about it.

One of the most exciting parts of decorating your home is finding new ways to incorporate more art into your house. Keep these four great wall art ideas in mind as you decorate your home with your favorite pieces.

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