Vinyl Flooring – The Obvious Choice for the Trendsetting Homeowner

If your home is like something out of a vogue magazine and you are looking for a suitable floor, look no further than luxury vinyl flooring. It might take a few hours of research to confirm the fact that luxury vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes, or you can just take my word for it and save yourself some time and effort. Let’s examine the reasons why vinyl is the best-selling floor material in Australia.

Top End Durability

Any flooring must stand the test of time and this is where vinyl really does excel. There’s nothing you could do to damage this most hardy of composites and there are large families with big dogs as pets that will confirm the amazing durability of vinyl flooring, making it the number one choice for high traffic areas. Scuff marks are a thing of the past and any spillage can quickly be removed with a mop or sponge and keeping the floor clean couldn’t be simpler, as slightly soapy water is all you need to retain that just laid look.

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Amazing Designs

Whether you are into stone, timber, or even slate, vinyl has you covered with amazing real life finishes that are possible by adding a thin membrane with a high resolution image on it, which is inserted just below the protective layers. You might be thinking how nice an oak floor would look in your kitchen or perhaps Olympic Pine, and these along with many other timber finishes are available. Stone flooring has a special feel about it, which some consider to be cold underfoot, yet with a faux vinyl floor, you have the look of real stone, with the underfoot warmth that only vinyl can provide.

Photo by All About Flooring

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Low Cost – High Quality

In most cases, it is not possible to have top quality at the lower end of the price scale, yet when compared to any other flooring material, vinyl always comes out on top where value is concerned. You might be thinking there must be a catch to this, yet simply put, luxury vinyl flooring is affordable for all.

Photo by Carpet Hut by F.V. Woolard


If you care about the environment, you’ll be pleased to learn that vinyl flooring is very eco-friendly and can endlessly be recycled. Vinyl contains no heavy metals and there are no solvents used with installation, making it the most eco-friendly flooring there is. Perfect for the home that already had a hardwood floor in the living room, as a matching finish in vinyl can be laid in the kitchen, a place where hardwood is not really suitable.

Photo by Benchmark Hardwood Flooring

The best way to explore the possibilities is to source a local vinyl flooring company and ask them to pop round and give you a free quotation and at the same time, you can browse the numerous designs. Whatever your flooring needs, talk to a vinyl supplier before making any decisions and the chances are, you’ll be very glad you did.

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