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How To Create Affordable Victorian Style Living Room

If you have plans for changing of the style in your home you should carefully think of the design options that you have. Today there is a wide range of decorating ideas, however everything depends on the style of your home and on your personal preferences and wishes. If we take a look in the living rooms they all have very different styles, some of them more sophisticated and others more simplified. If you have finally decided to plan the new design of your living room but you are still wandering around the hundreds of options that you have, we have one very tempting and stylish idea for the thorough renovation of your living room. The typical Victorian style is widespread not only as a design idea but due to its popularity in the past.


Almost everyone has seen the typical Victorian terraces, famous for their pomposity and glamour. Apart from this, the Victorian style became very preferred option at the home of the middle class, during the reign of queen Victoria. Nowadays the desire for the heavy and sophisticated furniture and the rich colours has remained the same and the Victorian style has preserved its great popularity among the people who seek for the extravagance and sophisticated appearance of their living room.

If you want to have a real Victorian style for your clean and shiny living room, the following information will be more than useful for creating a small Victorian kingdom in the centre of your property


1.Take up with the furniture

You have probably seen many Victorian furniture but there are some distinct features that you need to look in order to recognize it in the fastest way. The typical Victorian furniture is rich in exposed wood in the legs, arms and the upper back of the chairs. The table should be carved, covered with marble or with material that resembles it, in order to make it look really sophisticated. The traditional lamps are the perfect addition, combined with porcelain figures and jars that are situated near the table. To finish with the furniture you can choose large bookcase whose measures can even reach the ceiling. To make it less expensive you can search for the furniture that is second hand or try to look at the auctions that take place near you.

2.Pick up the right colours

The colours are a main point in creating the real Victorian atmosphere in your living room . To stick to the Victorian rules, you will need the dark colours of plum, emerald, green, and even navy. The gold colour is also an option here to make the room rook even more sophisticated. You can order the paint from a company, however if you really want to save up money you can pick it from a shop and you can take up the painting activities on your own. Remember to clean the paint immediately after finishing with the renovation process, unless you want to experience difficulties with its thorough removing.


3.Search for the best floor options

If you strive to achieve the Victorian effect you can think about the floors that will be the right addition to the walls and furniture. Here you have the option to use patterned floors, with carpets that possess the same colours as the walls, for instance if the walls are lighter we advise you to pick up a carpet or tiling with the same colours. In this way you will make the living room look welcoming and cosy place. Do not forget to provide regular cleaning of the carpets and tiles to preserve the real Victorian spirit in the living room


4.Choose additional accessories

As you can imagine, the candles, flowers and fruit are more than a must for creating the real Victorian style in the room. Several fruit in a bowl placed near a large vase with roses in it. These little details will definitely contribute for feeling the Victorian atmosphere, the moment you enter your living room. You can choose suitable candles that will respond to the colours of the furniture of the room. If you want to save up money you can try to decorate the bowls and vases with home made materials, instead of choosing traditionally expensive ones.


These simple steps will help you to discover very affordable ways to bring the Victorian style in your living room without any difficulty.

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