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Vacation in the sun? Tips for staying cool

You may have already read our article on staying cool at home in the summer, but what if you’re on vacation and the heat’s getting a bit much? There’s nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable when you’re supposed to be out enjoying yourself. Don’t worry, with our helpful tips, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber in no time and can resume that relaxation session on your sun lounger.

Keep hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated, especially in hot locations, is hammered into us from a young age. You might feel hydrated knocking back those cocktails, but too much alcohol can have the opposite effect. We’re not saying you can’t have a drink now and again, but make sure you have a bottle of water nearby to quench your thirst properly. If water becomes a bit monotonous after a while, opt for a popsicle.

Cool off in the pool

This tip may be quite obvious, but what if you’ve just got all dolled up and don’t want to ruin your look by jumping in the pool? Then simply sit on the edge and dangle your feet in the water. Along with your wrists and neck, your feet are one of your body’s quick-cooling spots, so if they’re cooled down, the rest of your body will automatically feel cool too.

Invest in a spray fan

You might have seen these out and about and there’s a good reason they’re so popular! These contraptions are a fan and mister in one! Simply fill the bottle with cold water, attach it to the back of the fan, turn it on and voilà, instant cool down! If you’re already sweating, the mist will stick to the beads of sweat and cool you down even quicker!

Steer clear of cold showers

You’d be forgiven for thinking a cold shower will solve all your heat problems, but it’s actually not the best idea. This is because a cold shower will cause your pores to close, and you’ll therefore only be kept cool for a short amount of time. Opt for a lukewarm shower instead. For a more in-depth explanation of why this is the case, this article has everything you need to know.

Dress the part

The outfit you wear plays a part in whether you’re too hot or “just right”. Light colors keep your body cooler as they reflect heat and loose-fitting clothing is a great idea because it gives your body room to breathe. Leggings or yoga pants should be avoided as they cling to the skin and trap heat, causing you to sweat more. If you have long hair, it’s best to keep it out of your face and off your neck to give your skin some space. There are some useful ponytail ideas in this article if you need some inspiration.

Eat sensibly

Calories don’t exist on vacation (we wish!) so why shouldn’t you reach for that second helping of pasta salad? Unfortunately, the more you eat, the harder your body has to work to process all these meals, which will actually cause your body temperature to rise. Eating less, but often is a good idea. You can still taste all the delicacies, but you avoid overheating in the meantime.

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