Utilize Your Space: 4 Ways to Turn Your Deck into an Outdoor Living Area

Home upgrades that can provide a more comfortable outdoor environment can be of immense value. Quality outdoor furniture, a little shade and the right lighting may be all it takes to allow homeowners to make the most out of an exterior space. More significant upgrades, such as the addition of a porch or deck can even improve the market value of a home.

Shade and Outdoor Lighting

Often the biggest obstacles for turning a deck into a space more suitable for relaxing or entertaining are the easiest to overcome. Too much exposure to the sun or elements along with poor lighting can make for a very uncomfortable atmosphere. An awning or covering means that decks and patios can be enjoyed regardless of the weather and the right lighting means that the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down.

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Furniture and Accessories

Finding the best outdoor furnishings often poses a unique challenge. The assumption that an open environment like a deck will cause furniture to quickly wear out is a common mistake, one that may lead homeowners to make less effective purchases. Quality outdoor furniture is rugged enough to last for years and purchasing items that will make for a more comfortable and stylish atmosphere may offer the best value.

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Porches, Decks and Patios

Trying to turn an empty corner of the lawn or yard into an outdoor living area can be a real uphill battle. While the addition of a porch, deck or patio can seem like an ambitious home-improvement project, such projects typically involve much less time and expense than many homeowners might expect. The services of professional deck builders can provide a more convenient way to create the best outdoor living space.

Photo by Land Studio C

Landscaping and Layout

Choosing the right floor plan and layout helps property owners to make the most out of the space available. Landscaping upgrades can also go a long way towards improving the backdrop and creating the right atmosphere. Even minor details can make a big difference, especially when it comes to lawns that may have taken on a shabby or neglected look.

Photo by Kim Cladas Lighting Design

Unlike expanding or adding a room to interior environments, decks and patios can often provide a cost-effective way to create a whole new space. From entertaining and relaxing to shoring up the market value of their home, owners would do well to learn more about the many benefits that creating an outdoor living area may provide. From a simple sun shade to a brand new deck, the right upgrade can be well worth the effort and expense.

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