Useful Tips in Kitchen Reorganizing

We often make New Year resolutions and promises to ourselves that we would get our lives organized. Well, why not start this at home with the kitchen. We all know that the kitchen is like the heart of your home. So, let us get those kitchens organized and make your home a little more clutter free. Here in this article we have tried to give you some useful tips which we hope can help you in your reorganizing project.


Yes, some of us are the sentimental types. Some of us just stock up on stuff that we will use it someday, just stock that appliance that you will never use etc. Well, it’s time to get rid of all of them. Kitchens can never be big enough. So, just like you clean out your drawers and closets, do the same to your kitchen.


Often you may not have enough cabinet space in the kitchen. You could hang your aprons and towels in an attractive way. You could also think of a pot rack. It would give a very new look to your kitchen and make it easy while you’re cooking. You could try out an over the door kitchen organizer for pantry goods or spices and – voila even a door space is made use of.


You usually start your day in kitchen. So, your day starts well if it is organized well. Things that you use regularly or things that you need first thing in the morning should be easily available. Things that you need for your coffee maker and the pan that you use to make your sunny side up toast should be reachable in a jiffy.

We don’t usually keep our socks and evening dress in the same drawer. In the same way, items that are similar need to be stored together in the kitchen. When you bake, it would be easy that all your baking items are in one place so you can reach them easily and know when to buy and if you are running out of stock.

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Kitchens always require repurposing. Pretty mugs can be used to keep spoons and spatulas. Unused decanters or even left over cups from a broken set can be used to keep flowers or grow herbs. Having said this, do not start the de-cluttering process. Keep only what can be used without storing unnecessary stuff.


While you are at it, it would be a great idea to organize the refrigerator too. Ideally, the fridge has some racks which are best for certain types of food. The upper shelf is the best place to keep your dairy products as the temperature would remain constant. On the contrary meat, should be kept on the bottom shelf as that would be the freezer. Organize the way you keep other food too. Food that needs to be consumed first needs to be kept in the front.


Kitchens also need to be restocked and for that you need a proper list. The best way to go about it is to tape a whiteboard on the fridge or somewhere handy. You could also use those magnetic notepads. As and when something needs to be refilled, just jot it down on the pads. Recipes could be neatly kept in a pretty gift box. Similarly, take out or food delivery fliers can be kept in a box near your telephone.

First aid kit

We usually tend to keep our first aid kits in the bathroom. But it wouldn’t hurt to keep a small one in the kitchen too. At least some band aids would be nice.

The entire process of reorganizing kitchens is purely personal choice and taste. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself is what is best for you.

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