The Ups And Downs Of Lighting

Whether you are a facilities manager or you are undergoing some remodels on your home, there is a good chance that you or one of your employees have experienced fatigue, blurry vision, or headaches due to lighting. In fact, recent reports show that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting in their workplace. This is trouble when you really sit down and consider the numbers. This is something that you want to avoid in the workplace, but this is even truer for the home. Lighting is something that you need, but you have to make sure that you are choosing the right applications. Below, you will learn about the different types of lighting and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Chandelier with Wood Accents

The chandelier has been a long time staple of quaintness and elegance. These pieces are ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in certain rooms of the home. A chandelier is a perfect option for taverns, kitchens, attics, or even living rooms. Another good thing about the chandelier is that most of them can be adjusted in height, which means that you won’t have a problem projecting the amount of light that you are trying to cast to the area. Sure, the chandelier really is beautiful and quaint, but it does come along with some downsides. For instance, most models with require a specific type of light bulb, the light quality is much lower, and it might take several installed in a porous space to provide sufficient light.

Rustic Hanging Metal Cage Light

If you are going for that old-fashioned feel coupled with wear and tear, you simply could not do any better than the rustic metal cage light. This light is also adjustable, but the major difference is that it was intended for outdoor use. A light like this will only work on the patio, porch, or attached to the back yard. However, with its unique design, the light really offers charm and vintage in one unique package. In addition to this, the bulb is unobstructed by a globe so you will get maximum light. Just remember when shopping for rustic pendant lighting, you want to make sure that you are doing so with a reliable online vendor like the one mentioned here.

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The Glass Globe Pendant

For most homeowners, the glass globe pendant light is going to be the practical lighting option. They are extremely easy to install and usually be utilized with a variety of different bulbs. Replacement bulbs will probably be much cheaper and easier to obtain. Just like the chandelier this light can also be adjusted to cast light in different depths. The one downside to this type of light is that it isn’t showy or quaint. Sure, there are unique models available, but most of them are modern or contemporary.

The Metal Farmhouse Pendant Light

If you are looking for fresh farm character, you won’t find any other type of light that offers this as much as the metal farmhouse pendant light. The enamel soup pot frame with handles hangs from an adjustable chain and features a delightful chippy paint scheme. The light will add warmth and glow to any room but will require special bulbs.

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