Upgrading Your Outdated Home Façade

The front look of your home otherwise referred to as the façade or fascia says a lot about yourself, particularly your hospitality. You can make your driveways and entrances unique from any other in the neighborhood with concrete stamping and polishing. However, this does little to cover the imperfections in your roof and outward walls.

When thinking about façade upgrades, roofing, decks and outward walls come to mind. You can also repair the rusty look of your kitchen and bathroom floors as well as interior walls and ceilings to make everything look uniform. Fortunately, it does not take a fortune to upgrade the façade. With the right team and ideas, you can effortlessly transform your home into a magnificent palace that your friends and family will be glad to visit. Two main areas need the most focus when upgrading your home’s façade.

a) The Roof

Roofs are usually the first to tarnish and depreciate. This is because they are constantly exposed to cycling weather elements including sunlight, acidic rain, storms, dust and bird droppings among other things. They can be quite tricky and it is advisable to call in professionals instead of attempting to fix the roof on your own. More importantly, make sure you are working with reputable roofing companies in your area. Whether you want to do minor repairs or simply give the roof a new outlook that matches with other colors, use professionals who can handle the task repeatedly. Roofs need to be checked and maintained at least once a year, including occasional inspection following heavy storms or in preparation for winter. Thomas Miller from Proformance Orlando Roofers says that using a monochromatic color scheme in neutral colors for roofing and siding will help a home look more modern. Some of the things you can do to upgrade your roof includes;

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  • Frame the roof and add a bead-board ceiling
  • Install an underlayment with hardwood such as cedar
  • Intuitively paint the roof to match other colors. A great example is matching the roof with the door and shingles or window frames
  • Include a translucent sunroof if you can afford it. This works best in the living room or kitchen and other dark spaces such as store rooms
  • Repair any cracks and openings
  • Clear drains and façade air spaces

b) Front Entry (walls, decks, patios and driveways)

Your front entry is the next most important section of your façade. Once the roof is done, you need to upgrade the look of your exterior walls, columns, pathways, entrances, decks and drains. Most people assume that façade upgrades are expensive and need a lot of work. The truth is you can achieve impressive upgrades with simple ideas and inexpensive methods such as resurfacing. Here are some tips that will help you install attractive patterns and floors around your house for a welcoming entry fascia.

  • Consider modern techniques such as polishing, staining and stamping for your driveways and concrete slabs. You can also choose other offers such as epoxy floors which offer added beauty, safety and functionality
  • For your outside walls and columns, simply sand and resurface worn out parts to bring back the original look of new bricks
  • Add tapered columns and repaint the brick lines to make the patterns crisp.
  • Extend your living room floors to outside decks and environment to create a seamless transition. You can simply use the same patterns and colors to achieve this.

Façade upgrades require careful planning before commencing them. You can make your own sketches based on how you want your home to look once the upgrades are done. There is a lot you can achieve on your own to cut down your total expenditure. Nonetheless, this should not be the reason for compromising your safety by attempting risky tasks such as roof repairs. Where necessary, involve professionals help to get the best results and value for your investment. Make sure you work with credible insured companies in your area.

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