Upgrade the Look of Your Bedroom with These Simple Ideas

Redesigning your bedroom helps promote a positive mood and makes it feel like a better place to relax after a tiring day. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your personal space. It should be conducive to sleep and adequate rest. If it reflects your personality and sense of style, you will be more excited to go home each day. The following ideas will add character and help transform your bedroom into a dreamy one.

Display your work of art

If you have an empty wall, hang your favourite drawing, painting, or even a collection of family photos on your blank wall. It does not have to be limited to these forms of visual arts. If you are into crafts, photography, calligraphy, or ceramics, go ahead and display your pieces in your bedroom. It will instantly add character to your personal space.

Update your lighting

Accent lighting can add drama and luxury to a space. You don’t have to endure your dull bulb on your ceiling. Instead, swap it with something more extraordinary, such as a pendant light or chandelier. Consider layering different and interesting lighting forms using task, decorative and ambient lights. Decorative lighting such as twinkly lights for fitted wardrobes also add a whimsical feel.

Go for Colourful Pillows

A neutral colour scheme is soothing for a bedroom, but a touch of colour provides an inviting contrast. You can limit the colour by adding bright throw pillows if you don’t want your sleeping pillows to be too striking. Another excellent idea is to use a strongly patterned area rug if your room has a monochromatic palette for some excitement.

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Add indoor plants

You can never go wrong with adding live houseplants in your bedroom. It instantly livens the space, adds colour and contrast, and provides that natural appeal. Studies also say plants can improve mood, increase productivity, and purify the air. If you’re not exactly a plant lover or you don’t have a green thumb, you can find plants that are easy to grow. You may also consider terrariums.

Make an accent wall

An accent wall is a perfect solution to significantly impacting a small space. The best part is that you don’t need a huge budget to create one. Pick the right colour that will become your room’s focal point. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can also add drama. You can go subtle and choose a corner space by painting it with a different colour to stand out.


Whether you are currently building your home or bored with the dull look of your bedroom, there are simple yet effective ways to transform your retreat area. Find inspiration from online resources, and you’ll never run out of ideas. Of course, don’t forget the basics, such as paint colours, statement lighting, and stylish headboards. What matters is that your bedroom has heaps of design potential. You have to be imaginative or, if your budget permits, hire a professional designer to assist you.

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