The Most Unusual and Inspiring Dorm Room Design Ideas

Every person needs a place to feel relaxed and intimate, especially in college. Living so far away from home can be truly challenging. Carrie Longwood, writer specialist at Term Paper, shares her opinion. “With a cozy room and some good friends, things start becoming easier to handle. When we feel comfortable in our living space, we feel comfortable in our environment.”

In order to decorate your dorm properly, you might need a helping hand. We have few inspiring ideas (to help you decorate your dorm room) that we’d like to share.

The Cool Girl

The Cool Girl designed is specially made for students who still find themselves growing up. In the end, growing up is endlessly. This style is really feminine, and it emphasizes the beautiful side of the Yin. The main characteristics of this style are:

  • Floral designs (on beddings, cushions, etc.)
  • Pinky or colorful pillows
  • Floral rugs or stripped rugs
  • Lots of lights hanging (usually greenish or pinkish)
  • Feminine posters (it really depends on your tastes, but if you like this style, you’re probably into “love and donuts” posters)
  • Lots of feminine wall accessories (like really cool maps and flags)

The “Cool girl” style is an amazing way to remember your home and childhood years. It won’t get you as homesick as you’d think because of its coziness!

Be a Sailor

If you are living in the South, or you are simply into boats, the “Sailor style” is a great choice to decorate your dorm. The nautical theme is really popular nowadays. You will want to:

  • Use lots of stripes – usually for pillows, cushions, bedding
  • Have an organized, blue dresser
  • Have many beach posters
  • Bring some sand from the beach!
  • Hang blue sailor hats around your room
  • Buy some cool décor, such as little decorative boats
  • Take some pictures at the beach and hang them on the walls too

The sailor room design is a really good way to remember the sunny days – especially recommended for people moving from Florida to other, colder states. The Nautical design keeps your room sunny all the time!

Travel Around the World: The Hippie Design

One of my favorites, the hippie design is a great choice for people who’d rather travel around the world than be in college.

  • The number one rule for this design: hang a huge mandala tapestry on your wall
  • Choose pillows that characterize your soul: for example, use the Yin and Yang model
  • Pick vintage covers and cushions
  • You could add a hammock to your dorm room for extra relaxing space
  • Post different pictures of you and your friends on the walls and “arrange them” in a “messy” way
  • Choose soft, bright lights
  • You could also use Indian wall hangings (ex: cotton Indian elephant décor)

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If you want to feel like you are traveling all of the time, choose this design! Whenever you will walk into your room, you’ll feel exotic and entertained!

Choose Sporty

If you are into sports, this is one of your best choices. The “Sporty Design” rooms are usually structured and neat-looking. However, you will need to pick your theme. Whether you are into football, soccer, hockey, basketball, or tennis, you must pick one of the aforementioned designs before decorating.

  • If choosing a team sport, decorate your room with posters and banners
  • If choosing a surf theme, decorate your room with wavy designs and stripes
  • If choosing tennis, pick green, big posters, and tennis-ball shaped pillows
  • If you are into skateboarding, loft you bed, use darker colors, and pick zig-zag mats

You should pick your own style depending on your preferences! Make sure you have an open conversation with your roommate before decorating though – not everybody’s tastes are similar.

Pick Rustic

If you want to turn your room into a personal heaven, then pick the rustic theme! Living “the cabin life” is always fun – you’ll become a “mountain person” quickly enough. Rustic means you must use many woody decorations.

  • Choose brown mats and cushions
  • Buy a “special rocking chair” made out of wood
  • Choose obscure lights
  • Use different types of brown shades for designing your bed and dressers

The rustic theme is the perfect choice for people who love the mountains, the rivers, the sun, and basically – the nature.


There are so many designs to choose from when decorating your dorm room. Make sure you pick a cozy one for you – going away for college can be challenging; having a relaxing dorm room is essential.

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